35 Weeks Bumpdate


I was going to write a post about what I accomplished from my February monthly goals BUT I didn’t really accomplish anything in February. In February, I managed to clean my house from top to bottom, get a pedicure and go on one date night. That’s about it. I never realized that my energy would take such a drastic down turn so I became a hermit that only slept and I’m sure that March will be even worse as we get even closer to Baby Murray’s delivery date!

Today marks my 35th week. I’m amazed, shocked and in awe of my body that it’s been able to sustain this pregnancy with minimal effort from me. I’ve started fetal monitoring which is where they strap two round disks on your belly. One measures the contractions(whether false or real!) and the other measures the babies heart rate.

Weight Gain
25 pounds gained.

Maternity Clothing
I’m in full-time maternity clothing. Oh sure, I wear my old tops but I have to wear an extra long tank top underneath everything or shirts turn into belly tops. Also, around week 30-31, I was no longer able to do up my winter jacket so I’ve been layering my clothing when I’ve had to go outside.

I sleep an average of 4 hours at night and take 1-2 naps during the day. It’s how I’m surviving. I guess it’s good practice for when Baby Murray arrives.

Baby Murray Likes
She LOVES to move still. I think she’ll be an Irish dancer or boxer when she grows up by the way she flails her arms and legs.

Baby Murray Dislikes
She hates having the fetal monitors on her and in protest will move around constantly so the poor nurse has to hover over me changing the position of the disc that finds Baby Murray’s heartbeat.

Best moment so far
Seeing my husband get into serious “daddy mode”.

Missing anything
Sleep. Ha! I’m pretty sure I’ll be saying that for the next 20 years or so.

Pancakes, peanut butter and marmalade sandwiches, hummus or chocolate and mint together in any form.

Weird symptoms
Being punched in the vagina is not a lot of fun. Baby Murray has been head down since week 30 and now she’s taken to what feels like punching me in the vagina at any given moment.

Looking forward to
Baby Murray’s arrival. Duh!

And that’s about all I have to share about that. Baby Murray is growing like a weed, and I’m feeling huge! Can’t wait to meet her in a few short weeks!

So tell me, what should I be expecting during the last 5 weeks or so of my pregnancy? What was your favourite/least favourite thing about being pregnant? 

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6 thoughts on “35 Weeks Bumpdate

  1. Laughing so hard about the punches to the vagina. Lol. Totally not funny for you, but I can just imagine Baby Murray trying to headbutt her way into the world.
    Glad you’re feeling good! Very grateful for you that this pregnancy has gone so well! She’ll be here so sooooon!!!


  2. You never know–you might luck out and get a baby that’s a really good sleeper! I also had trouble sleeping my last couple months with my first pregnancy and was worried I’d never sleep a full night again, but my daughter slept through the night regularly at around 4-5 months and still does regularly, so I’m usually surprisingly well-rested (except for the fact that I’m pregnant again and so, therefore, needing to get up to pee in the middle of the night).


  3. hahah “being punched in the vagina” haha i am still cracking up about this. oh the sleep in the 3rd trimester, or lack thereof is haaard. i am glad you are able to take naps during the day! your full time job at the moment is to host a human and you’re doing great!


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