5 Tips to Survive a Winter Pregnancy

I’ll admit I was strategic about getting pregnant when I did because I did NOT want to be pregnant in the summer. It seemed like pure torture, but I’m finding out it doesn’t really matter what season you’re in, in the late stages of pregnancy, it’s just difficult.

Here are my 5 tips to survive a winter pregnancy:

1. Wear slip on boots.
No matter the weather, whether it’s rain or snow that you get in the winter, you’ll want a pair of slip on boots or you’ll be a slave to your spouse or friends to get your boots on because you can’t bend down that far to put them on.

2. Carry hand sanitizer at all times.
Being pregnant you can’t really take that many medications if you get sick, so you’ll want to avoid it all costs, that’s where hand sanitizer comes in. I’m not usually a fan of hand sanitizer BUT if it means I won’t get the dreaded cold, I’ll do it.

3. Wear layers.
My winter jacket stopped zipping up around 30 weeks so I’ve had to wear lots of layers in order to keep warm, even though the temperature doesn’t get too cold here.

4. Drink lots of water.
Being pregnant seems to have amped up my water intake so it’s been easy for me but if it hasn’t for you, it’s still important to drink tons of water, even if you aren’t sweating!

5. Get the flu shot.
Sigh. This year’s flu has been particularly deadly and the flu shot pretty ineffective BUT I am here to say I did get the flu shot and didn’t get the flu. So just get the flu shot. I don’t even want to think about what having the flu would be like while pregnant. Sounds like hell to me!

Pregnancy definitely has its ups and downs regardless of when you’re pregnant BUT hopefully these tips will help you to survive a winter pregnancy!

So tell me, what are YOUR tips for surviving a winter pregnancy? Were you pregnant in the winter?

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4 thoughts on “5 Tips to Survive a Winter Pregnancy

  1. I’ve gone my whole life without getting the flu shot… until this year. As soon as my doctor confirmed my pregnancy he really pushed the flu shot, basically saying, if you can do something to reduce your chances of getting the flu while pregnant, do it!


  2. I have been avoiding sick people to an extreme extent because I did have a cold around 20 something weeks and not being able to take any cold medicine was no fun! Obviously it’s summer all year round here, but the heat hasn’t really bothered me as long as I stay out of the sun, but I have pretty much been wearing one pair of shoes–my Keens sandals–exclusively, because they’re easy to just pull on and have a good tread, so I don’t feel like I’ll slip like I would in flip flops.


  3. I agree with you in that I’d totally want to be in that final trimester in the winter vs. summer. I’ve never given much thought to the not-fitting winter coat or the inability to put on boots, though. That’d be rough 😉 Glad you’ve found some way to deal with it!


  4. as someone who survived the summer at the end of my pregnancy – i totallllly get it! i refused to get in cars before the driver turned on the AC and it cooled down or i felt miserable. haha i plan to have another spring/warm weather babe (if all goes according to plan) because i found that i had to get outside!

    glad you found ways to survive – can’t wait to meet baby murray!


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