My Maternity Leave Goals

I am currently 33 weeks pregnant. I have no idea when Baby Murray will make her debut BUT that isn’t stopping me from trying to be productive.

I honestly had NO idea what I was going to do on my maternity leave. Oh sure, I had lots of grand plans like cleaning, sleeping, reading and blogging but as my belly expands, I find myself becoming lazier and lazier. I still want to make the most of my maternity leave before Baby Murray arrives so I’ve decided to make some goals and post them to keep me accountable.

But first, let’s explain maternity leave in Canada because I know how different it is from other countries. Here in Canada starting in 2018 you have two options. The first option is 12 months off and you will receive 55% of your yearly income. The second option that was unveiled this year was 18 months off BUT you receive the same amount as if you took 12 months off. Both of these options always guarantee your job when your maternity leave is over.

Anyways, without further ado, my maternity leave goals:

1. Toss or sell anything that we don’t use or won’t need when we become a family of three.
The Mister has already started the purge of things we don’t use for selling on Kijiji. He’s great at posting things so my job will mostly be tossing things we don’t need.

2. Deep clean each room.
This has started but I am thinking I will want to do this one more time before Baby Murray arrives. That is, if she decides to stay in there until 40 weeks.

3. Stock up on non-perishables and toiletries.
I’ve read on many blogs that this helped them immensely in the first month or two with a new baby. We will be going to Costco or something to stock up on toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap, shampoo, conditioner, granola bars, pretzels and popcorn.

4. Go on as many date nights as possible.
My doctors keep telling us to go out and do as many things as we can before I have Baby Murray. We will definitely be taking advantage of this alone time.

5. Go on weekly nature walks.
I’m sure that I won’t be getting out in true nature for at least a few months after Baby Murray is born so I am hoping that I can enjoy the peace and solitude that I find in nature before she arrives.

6. Get a pedicure and manicure.
I got a pedicure and manicure at 25 weeks and I wished I’d done it sooner since the last time I’d had one before that was when I was about 6 weeks pregnant before my trip to Ontario. I have already pre-booked an appointment for next week and I’m hoping to squeeze in just one more time before she arrives, but we shall see.

Once Baby Murray arrives, I know that my time will be taken up by her so I’m hoping that with these goals I can keep my maternity leave productive but also relaxing. Don’t worry, I’ll be taking TONS of naps too.

So tell me, what is your maternity leave like where you live? Did you have grand plans for your maternity leave and then you did nothing? How did you occupy your time during maternity leave?

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7 thoughts on “My Maternity Leave Goals

  1. I’m a little jealous of your maternity leave! My maternity leave with Bensen was relaxing, I spent a lot of it in bed and my house stayed clean somehow. With Emmy, half of my maternity leave was spent between my house and the hospital and then the last half was spent getting no sleep and trying to manage a toddler and a baby and remember to eat.


  2. It’s so wonderful that you have so much time! In the US, different companies have different policies, but in general, the law dictates you can have 12 weeks and get your job back. Each workplace dictates how much / how / what they’ll pay. For me, I have to use my sick time and most of my vacation (I can withhold some, dependent on my years of service). Once that’s used up, I get half pay for the rest of my leave. With Caleb, I took one week before he was born and 9 weeks after he was born. This time, I would like to take the whole 12 weeks I’m permitted, but it’ll be dependent I money. That’s why I didn’t take the full 12 with Cal. Enjoy your time! Have fun and rest!


  3. Dang. Your maturity leave is wonderful. What an amazing policy.
    The US is crap when it comes to maturity leave. We have 12 guaranteed weeks- and all that guarantees is that our job will still be there. No required pay or anything like that.
    Fortunately, when K and I have a kid, I have ample flexibility since he’s technically my boss. At the same time, I know we’ll both have to work through it because the company doesn’t run without us. Ha.


  4. I have a lot of sick leave saved away that I’ll be able to use when/if I get pregnant. So I’ll get about 5 months off with full pay. I’m a teacher, so I’m going to try to have a baby when I can bump up my maternity leave with summer vacation too and get maybe 7 months off. If we want more than just one kid, though, I will have to wait about 8 years in order to get the amount of sick leave I have currently. So we’ll be one and done or else just have to take a much shorter paid time off. We need the 2 incomes to make it. We could probably do it if I got 55% of my salary, but sensible things like that aren’t offered in the “land of opportunity” called the US. I’m actually quite disgusted and bitter about just how racist/sexist the US is.


  5. Holy CRAP those are amazing maternity leave options!! As a teacher, I only had 6 weeks unpaid as a maternity leave option (which didn’t end up mattering because I quit to stay home with Aiden anyway 🙂 ). These are great goals!! Hope you get to enjoy the weeks before Baby Murray comes!


  6. that is SUCH good maternity leave – oh canada, you’re wonderful. way to honor the woman who keeps our species going! i am glad you have those options!

    when you stock up on supplies, also get some paper plates/cutlery/cups because chances are you may both be too exhausted to do the dishes (even with the dishwasher right there)!


  7. These goals seem perfect! I hope you’ve gotten most of them done. Also, to echo everyone else. that maternity leave is awesome! The US can be so backwards sometimes…


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