Revisiting My 40 Before 40 List

When I wrote my 40 Before 40 List in February of last year, I never could’ve imagined how my life would change in just one year. You may remember that my goal with my 40 before 40 list was to make it reasonable and attainable, but life changes and sometimes gives you even better goals so I’m revamping my list, because well, I’m having a baby and I’ll be a mother soon, and with that comes even better goals. Goals to become a better person, goals for our family, goals to show her the world, goals that seem hard or unattainable or scary but that can be attained because you work for them and get over whatever is stopping you.

I’ve been inspired by my childhood where wonderful experiences and traditions were abundant. That is something I want to give to Baby Murray. Also, this list includes things I’ve done myself but haven’t done with either The Mister or obviously with Baby Murray yet, so I’ve included them.

Make my Nan’s chili sauce.
Make homemade granola bars.
Make ice cream from scratch.
Make a gluten-free version of my Mom’s lemon cake.
Make a gluten-free version of an English trifle.
Make orange marmalade.
Make a gluten-free tourtiere from scratch.
Make a gluten-free pizza from scratch.

Go on a road trip.
Go on an Alaskan Cruise.
Visit New York City.
Visit Victoria.
Visit Tofino.
Visit Emerald Lake in Yoho National Park.
Take the train from Vancouver to Edmonton.

Ski Whistler.
Go to Lang Pioneer Village.
Go camping.
Go whale watching.
See a Kermode bear in the wild.
Go on a sleigh ride.
Go snowshoeing.
Have high tea.
Visit the Baseball Hall of Fame.
Watch a Blue Jays game in another stadium.
See the Nutcracker.
Visit 5 different museums.
Meet a current Prime Minister.
See Once the musical.
See 5 different national parks.
See Matilda the musical.
Go to the Pacific National Exhibition.

Get professional family photos done.
Go for a mother-daughter manicure and pedicure.
Do a charity walk as a family.

Life Skills
Learn to skate.
Learn to fold a fitted sheet.
Have a vegetable garden.
Get my drivers license.

Just like the original 40 Before 40 list, I plan on changing anything that doesn’t fit into my current life, so, I’ll be reevaluating this list at this time next year too!

So tell me, what’s on your bucket list? Have you ever completed a 30 before 30 or 40 before 40 list?

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4 thoughts on “Revisiting My 40 Before 40 List

  1. I’d like to meet your current PM. Lol
    I love all the food & travel goals here. You have some really cool experience ones, too!
    I should learn to fold a fitted sheet, too…


  2. I want to take an Alaskan cruise. My brother-in-law worked in Alaska for a few years, and Dan’s college graduation gift was a *very* nice trip with his parents to Alaska to visit his brother. It’s one of Dan’s top trips he’s ever taken, and he wants to go back with me. I want to do a cruise version because that was something my mom always wanted to do, but didn’t get to do before she died. An Alaskan cruise is a trip I’d like to take for her.


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