30 Weeks Bumpdate

I’m officially at 30 weeks when this post will be published. As you may have read earlier in the week, it’s a milestone I never dared to even hope to get to, but we’re here. I finish work in less than a week and then I’ll go on sick leave until Baby Murray arrives and then I will start my maternity leave. During that time I hope to get our apartment in tip-top shape in between taking naps, eating and reading books. My last day of work my sweet coworkers will be throwing me a baby shower.

Weight Gain
18-20lbs? Depending on the day and what I’ve eaten it’s more. I’m definitely feeling heavy in the belly though!

Maternity Clothing
I’m still fitting into most of my shirts which is great. Also, my mom bought me two maternity dresses that I’m also living in because they are SO comfy.

The first trimester was all about the sleep. The second trimester was all about the lack of sleep. The third trimester is still all about the lack of sleep BUT I’m feeling better since going on iron pills.

Baby Murray Likes
She loves to kick me awake anytime between 4-5 a.m.

Baby Murray Dislikes
She either loves or hates when I drink ice water or eat fruit. Either way, I LOVE feeling those kicks after I do!

Best moment so far
I loved having my mom over for a long weekend. We shopped for Baby Murray and we opened gifts from my extended family. It was really touching to see all the sweet gifts for Baby Murray.

Missing anything
I miss sleeping on my right side. I was always a side sleeper but pre-pregnancy I went back and forth during the nights but that’s not possible now.

Oranges, orange juice, milk and cereal.

Weird symptoms
Nothing new really since my 20 week bumpdate.

Looking forward to
Going to our infant CPR/First aid class AND our labour and delivery class.

And that’s about all I have to share about that. I can definitely feel like Baby Murray is getting bigger because my belly is feeling heavy and I feel like she’s moving towards my ribs!

So tell me, what should I be expecting during the last 10 weeks or so of my pregnancy? What was your favourite/least favourite thing about being pregnant? 

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4 thoughts on “30 Weeks Bumpdate

  1. Yay!! Congratulations on 30 weeks! So glad your momma got to come spend some time with you during these last few weeks! It’s so sweet of your co-workers to throw you a shower!! I love when the work environment is supportive like that!


  2. I prefer sleeping on either my stomach or back by nature, I never really slept on my side at all before pregnancy! Oranges are awesome, I’m all about the fruit, and yeah, milk and cereal do just the trick for “powering me up” on these really sleepy mornings.


  3. i’m totally a side sleeper too but when i was at about 30 weeks, i so desperately wanted to (weirdly) sleep on my back. it was no good and the baby (now atlas – which is so crazy that she was in me) would press on my artery back there and no good. hang in there and enjoy the last few months as a family of two 🙂


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