29 Weeks

There will be a full bumpdate at my 30 week mark but I thought I’d get a bit sentimental and thankful here. I’m currently 29 weeks and 4 days. This post isn’t meant as a woe-is-me post. It’s just my truth and everyone else’s who chooses to have a baby and knows their body isn’t the perfect home for their growing baby or for anyone who finds themselves on bed rest because their once healthy body doesn’t seem to like pregnancy.

It’s a number, I honestly didn’t expect to make it to. Oh sure, modern medicine is wonderful, but when I got the positive pregnancy test, I prepared myself mentally for either having a miscarriage OR delivering a very premature baby. I had too. My body doesn’t work at 100%. That is the reality of being a high-risk pregnancy. I know mom guilt because I have experienced it since I got that positive pregnancy test.

You may remember that I was quite overwhelmed in my first trimester with the idea that I had SO many doctor’s appointments, SO many pills to take and SO much to think about all the while carrying this fetus that I had barely seen, and was trying not to get too attached to because I expected the worst. I was afraid to buy anything other than a few books because what happened if it didn’t turn out well? Those thoughts are slowly changing.

The care I have received has been wonderful, but if I was honest with you I am pretty sure my doctor’s are even shocked at how well my body has adapted to pregnancy. Other than one small blip in blood pressure between my first and second trimesters, where they increased my medication just a tiny amount, I haven’t had any issues with my blood pressure. I haven’t had irregular heartbeats or swelling, I haven’t had trouble with my asthma or even problems with my hydrocephalus. Baby Murray’s umbilical cord and placenta are doing exactly what they should. I had blood work recently and the only thing that it showed that was low was my iron levels, which is pretty common in pregnancy.

It never gets old feeling Baby Murray. I love drinking ice-cold water or eating fruit just so I can feel the strong kicks and flips that are going on. I can tell she is bigger just by her movements, she’s less in my lower abdomen and now moving closer to my ribs.

Now that I’m in the homestretch I feel like I can relax and enjoy my pregnancy. Maybe, even get excited about what is coming. We have signed up for childbirth classes and baby CPR/First Aid classes which we will take in February. It’s becoming a reality, that I honestly didn’t expect would ever happen. I hope she continues to grow, but I’m content with knowing that no matter what happens until early spring, my body is doing everything that it needs to help Baby Murray grow and thrive.

So tell me, did you have the same feelings I did? Were you a high-risk before or during your pregnancy? Tell me all the pregnancy stories! 

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4 thoughts on “29 Weeks

  1. Aw Elyse, I’m so excited for you! I know your pregnancy and everything leading up to it hasn’t been easy but you’re so amazing. Keeping you and Baby Murray in my thoughts and prayers. Can’t wait to ‘meet’ her!!


  2. I am so happy for you Elyse!! Enjoy these last few weeks to their absolute fullest- this baby was just totally meant to be your daughter 🙂 My bff had two high-risk pregnancies with a twin miscarriage in between. It can be SO tough watching someone go through that. Success stories are my absolute favorites. I can’t wait to see those newborn pictures!


  3. I’m so so so happy for you. I’ve spent about 15 years preparing myself for the possibility that I’ll never be able to be pregnant, and now I’m stuck in the limbo of still not being healthy enough to be pregnant. If that day ever comes, I will probably have similar feelings to you, of trying not to hope to much in the early weeks.

    I really am so happy for you, that everything is going so well, that Baby Murray is kicking and everything. ❤


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