Traditions I Want To Pass On

Since becoming pregnant we’ve talked a LOT about what traditions from our childhood and new traditions we want to start with Baby Murray.

Family traditions don’t have to be something big and monumental, but I’ve found that my favourite traditions from my childhood revolve around food and the people I’m with.

Here are 5 traditions I want to pass onto Baby Murray:

Grinch and Grilled Cheese
My husband and I haven’t done a lot of traditions together but this is the exception. One of our first dates it was a snow day and The Mister was over at my house and we made grilled cheese and watched the animated version of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. We’ve been doing it for the past 16 years and it’s definitely one of my favourite days of the year!

Tea time
My husband and I enjoy ending our days by sitting on the couch, sipping tea, maybe eating a biscuit or two and chatting about our day. It’s something I want to start early with Baby Murray too!

Big Breakfasts at Christmas
My dad didn’t cook much growing up but the one exception was at Christmas. After opening presents, he would make us all a huge spread of breakfast food. Usually, it was eggs, bacon or sausage, home fries, French toast and orange juice.

Birthday Breakfasts
This is a new tradition that I would love to start with Baby Murray! We were sitting at our favourite breakfast spot Cora’s and we remarked how fun it would be to go out for breakfast on Baby Murray’s birthday. The plus side of that is typically, breakfast restaurants can accommodate gluten-free and are shellfish-free!

Polar Pizza
A Polar Pizza is the typical birthday dessert we had as kids growing up instead of cake. It started because I hated cake but loved brownies, so my aunt who is a chef got to work, working on an alternative that I believe is far superior to any cake! The Polar Pizza is a bottom layer of brownie, then a layer of chopped chocolate bars(whatever flavour!) then 2 litres of ice cream, then MORE chopped chocolate bars and drizzled with chocolate or caramel sauce(or both!) and as children she also added things like gummy worms to the top.

I hope that Baby Murray has as many fond memories of family traditions that I did growing up.

So tell me, what are some of your family traditions? Did you create all new traditions or did you take some from each of your childhoods? 

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7 thoughts on “Traditions I Want To Pass On

  1. The only tradition my family has is watching Muppet’s Family Christmas on Chirstmas Eve. Bryan and I also have a tradition of getting dinner from Olive Press for special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. 🙂


  2. I just love your Grinch tradition. It’s so cute and festive.
    Polar Pizzas sound amazing!!! Baby Murray will DEFINITELY love those (and all her friends will be super jealous!)!


  3. Those are all so sweet!! Curling up with tea and biscuits at the end of the day, just chatting….that sounds so dreamy and I want to start that now! 🙂


  4. Dan and I have started one tradition. Every December, we have a “steak, sparkling, and Star Wars” day/weekend to celebrate Christmas. That was what we did our first Christmas Eve as a married couple: eat filet mignon with sparkling wine while watching Star Wars. Since we now live away from both of our families, we usually spend actual Christmas away from home with one of our families. Trying to do “steak, sparkling, and Star Wars” on Christmas Eve doesn’t always work, but there’s always a weekend in December we can celebrate. I’m not sure when is an appropriate time to introduce kids to Star Wars due to the violence, but I’m looking forward to it.

    I like the idea of a polar pizza even though I couldn’t eat it. I’m sure Dan would love that, though!


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