2017 In Pictures

Happy New Year, friends!

I hope everyone had a happy and safe holiday. I LOVE reading blog posts this time of year, seeing everyone’s year, even if it was a year of ups and downs. Today, I am joining Chelsea in showing you my 17 favourite photos of the year! These photos don’t necessarily reflect 100% happy times but I still love them nonetheless!

A short recap of my year: The beginning of the year had LOTS of promise but in February, I got the dreaded call that my sweet childhood cat Hannie had died. Then sometime in May I got homesick and dropped off the blogosphere. In August, we went back to Ontario to visit family and announced my pregnancy. In September, my gramma and some other family members came for a short visit. In October, on Canadian Thanksgiving I announced on social media and the blog that we were expecting a baby but I kept you in the dark until the end of November that we were expecting a girl! I wrote a few blog posts in December but I really wanted to enjoy my time with The Mister so I took some time off but now I am back.

The photos aren’t always the best quality but that’s because I try to focus on the fun I am having and who I am having it with!

Here are my top 17 photos from 2017 in no particular order!

1. My mom gifted us Vancouver Aquarium memberships for 2017 year. We had SO many date days that I will never forget to the aquarium. The highlight for me is seeing the otters and penguins but I also LOVE seeing the jellyfish. They are such amazing creatures.

2. Our sweet baby girl at 21 weeks gestation! We had seen her only quickly on other ultrasounds but this one they took their time looking at everything and it was seriously AMAZING to just spend 45 minutes gazing at this black and white image of our daughter, and to have pictures to bring home to put on our fridge.

3. At work we had an ugly sweater day at our annual tree trimming party where we all put an ornament on the tree that is in our main lobby. We had snacks and beverages and it was just an awesome afternoon. When it comes to holidays my work does a great job of celebrating!

4. Canada turned 150 years old in 2017(okay, okay, the Europeans took the land from the First Nations people 150 years ago) and to celebrate we went to a local park for fireworks and music! I am not usually a fan of either of those things along with crowds but the night was a perfect summer night and it was just really fun!

5. My birthday gift from my parents was amazing seats at the Toronto Blue Jays game with them. They lost but it was still an amazing evening spent at one of my favourite places with some of my favourite people.

6. Not going home for Christmas was hard this year, I wanted to be able to celebrate my pregnancy with my family BUT the doctor vetoed that in October because I am a high-risk AND I would be so close to my third trimester, so I was looking for fun things to do to keep my mind off Christmas when I found The Festival of Lights put on my the botanical gardens here in Vancouver. It was a spectacular light display throughout their gardens. We definitely want to make this an annual tradition.

7. We had two Christmas work parties in one week. Mine, we dressed up and ate filet mignon. At The Mister’s work party we wore our ugly sweaters and ate pizza in a club. It was a busy week but we had LOTS of fun.

8. The first photo shoot for Baby Murray. I was terrified they wouldn’t find a baby. I didn’t think my heart could take that kind of pain so when I saw that potato shaped thing pop up on the screen I was ecstatic! From that day until we found out it was a girl he referred to her as potato, but for me, she looked like a Mr. Bean so I referred to her that way. I am SO glad we found out the sex just a few short weeks later because I felt awful for calling her Mr. Bean.

9. Our 16th annual Grinch and Grilled Cheese happened just 6 days before Christmas. It’s one of my most favourite traditions we have in our marriage. I am SO looking forward to continuing that tradition with Baby Murray next year.

10. Like I mentioned above, my work goes big with holidays. Lots of us dressed up for a pizza Halloween party. These girls are some of my favourite people at work! I will definitely miss them when I am on maternity leave in February.

11. My sweet Hannie. Technically, I didn’t take this photo, my dad sent it to me the day that they were taking her in to be put down. She had been sick for a week and it wasn’t a good prognosis, so we didn’t want her to suffer. She lived a long healthy 19 years, and for that I am grateful.

12. At the end of April, my in-laws came for a visit to Vancouver! On this particular day we just started walking along the Seawall and managed to walk 12 kilometres! It was a gorgeous view so the walk never seemed impossible but I sure was happy to put my feet up at the end of the day.

13. One of our favourite things to do in Vancouver is the Vancouver Christmas Market. They always have gorgeous ornaments and since every year we add a few more ornaments to our tree that reflect our year we were on the hunt for a lamb ornament!  The lamb ornament represents Baby Murray’s nickname. She is our sweet lamb who will hopefully be born just a few short weeks after the arrival of spring.

14. When I was in a funk in the spring I thought of some things that would hopefully get me out of it, and one of those things was to meet the penguins at the Vancouver Aquarium. It was an amazing experience that I recapped here. What I didn’t mention was that I had found out I was pregnant only a few days earlier and I can tell you I was nervous about the possible smells that would make me vomit. I am happy to report I managed to not vomit even though I was definitely feeling nauseous the entire time!

15. I had SO many highs this year but one of those was seeing my family for my birthday. All I wanted for my birthday was to see my family, have a sleepover with my niece and get a card from her and I got all three of those things! It was a birthday I will never forget. Oh, and of course, since I had everyone gathered there, we figured what better time to announce that we were expecting!

16. Our first winter in Vancouver was a real doozy! Typically not getting any snow that actually lasts this year we managed to have about 4 storms that kept dumping the snow on the ground. It was always a gorgeous sight to this winter-loving gal but it was really hard to navigate the streets because Vancouver is not equipped for snow removal. Nonetheless, it was seriously a stunning winter that I will never forget!

17. The Sunshine Coast hands down, is my favourite place in BC! You have to take a ferry to get there and you’re greeted by stunning mountains and ocean. We were visiting our friends who had just had a baby a few months prior and thought they could use some company!

So there ya have it, folks. The highs, the lows and everything in between all in pictures! I am so thankful for Chelsea for coming up with this idea because it’s such fun to look back at the year you’ve had.

So tell me, what are some of your favourite memories of 2017? What makes them so special to you?


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3 thoughts on “2017 In Pictures

  1. Great collection of photos and memories! Such a special year for you with the anticipated arrival of your little girl!! I’m sure it’s SO tough living far from your family, but it sounds like you and the husband made the most of it!! Hope you have a VERY happy 2018!!

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  2. Happy year! Sorry you didn’t get to see everyone over the holidays but it sounds like not traveling too much is a good idea for now! It won’t be much longer! I’m kind of having trouble believing it’s now actually 2018, the year baby will be born!


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