What Will Baby Murray Look Like

When I’m lying in bed after I’ve gotten up in the middle of the night because I had to pee and eat something, I imagine what Baby Murray will look like. Oh sure, there are WAY bigger issues in the world that I could be dwelling on but inevitably it always goes back to this question.

My background is English/French and First Nations/Native American. The Mister’s is English/Irish.

When we’ve looked at family resemblances in my family, there’s a strong resemblance to my dad’s side. My niece was a splitting image of a Bliss baby when she was a baby but she seems to be growing out of it a bit, and looks more like my mom.

When I look at The Mister and The Mister’s brother, it’s a nice mix between his parents, so I’m not sure either of their genes are that strong BUT when I looked at the ultrasound, Baby Murray’s nose bones looked like they were prepped for a Murray nose, so we shall see.

I have had dreams of what she will look like not necessarily as a baby but as a small child and she always seems to resemble my sister as a child. My sister never really resembled my brother and I, she resembled my mom’s side. My sister has blonde wavy hair and hazel eyes, whereas my brother and I have brown hair and hazel eyes.

I’m assuming from looking at baby photos of The Mister and I, that chubby cheeks are a given but other than that, she may have curly/wavy hair like my mom, aunts, sister and niece have OR she could have straight hair like me, my brother, my dad and The Mister’s side of the family.

Her eye colour is definitely going to be a surprise because we have every colour in my family and The Mister’s family seems to have lighter eyes like blue and green.

Whether Baby Murray has The Mister’s nose, or my cheeks and eyes, I know one thing for sure. She’s definitely going to be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!

So tell me, how has family resemblance worked out in your family? Who do your kids look like? Do you have strong genes? 

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4 thoughts on “What Will Baby Murray Look Like

  1. I like to think about this when K and I talk about kids 🙂 I definitely look like my dad’s side of the family but my husband is an even mix of his mom and dad. We have blue and green eyes (respectively) so I have no idea what our kids will look like! I love K’s nose so I hope our kids get his. Hahaha!


  2. When Caleb was a new baby, he was Jerry’s twin! Now, not so much. He doesn’t look like either of our “mini me’s” anymore. He definitely has some of our traits, but he has his own look. I definitely remember wondering what he would like when I was pregnant though. 🙂


  3. With me and my siblings–we’re pretty much split as far as half looking like mom’s side and half looking like dad’s side. I look very much like my dad, who actually looks like his mom, so side-by-side pictures of my paternal grandma and me in our teens are very similar! My brother, on the other hand, is the spitting image of my maternal grandpa. Angel and his brothers all look very much alike, except Angel’s a much smaller version of his two younger brothers–haha! And I’m the shortest in my family except for my 11-year-old sister, who has not yet outgrown me. I wonder if our baby will be short like us or tall like all of our siblings!


  4. My husband and I both have light brown/dirty blonde hair, but we both have multiple red heads in our families. I was positive our little guy would be a red head, but he’s only got a little hint of strawberry…maybe the next one!


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