Choosing Your ‘Word of the Year’

I used to set a million resolutions but by February I’d abandon any sort of resolution and feel bad at the end of the year when I felt like I’d accomplished nothing.

So in 2015 we gave up resolutions and implemented a ‘Word of the Year’ thanks to Chelsea! We’ve been choosing a single word to guide us for the new year ever since. Having a single word, allows us to focus on the every day AND the big picture of how we want our life to unfold. The Mister doesn’t focus as much on the actual word except in our marriage BUT I let my ‘Word of the Year’ ooze into my work, relationships and my personal reflection.

Some questions, we ask ourselves before we choose our ‘Word of the Year’.

    • What do I feel was lacking in the past year?
    • What kind of experiences do I want to have?
    • What changes can I make realistically?
    • What are some qualities that I admire about people in my life?

In 2015, we were newlyweds and wanted to make as many MEMORIES as we could, so we took MANY date nights and just spent as much time together as possible. We spent TONS of time with friends and family doing fun activities or just hanging out.

In 2016, we put ourselves up for SERVICE to our friends and family. We worked alongside family with their various small businesses, we cooked meals when friends were sick, we volunteered with organizations that are dear to us and I tried to find extra projects at work to finish.

In 2017, we felt that we had focused SO much on others, we had forgotten about ourselves as individuals and ourselves as a couple. After some soul-searching we realized something that we’re both guilty of is we always have a million things we want to do but our laziness gets in the way and we never end up doing anything, or at least that’s how it feels. We decided in 2017 we were going to be INTENTIONAL about our time that we spent with our friends, family, marriage, work and how we “waste” our time.

In 2018, we will have TONS of changes that I’m sure we haven’t even thought about so I think we’ve picked a good word for us. I think, it will bring us closer to how we envisioned our life going.

I will be unveiling our word soon, most likely next week because I am REALLY excited about it.

After answering the above 4 questions, you’ll most likely have a few words in mind.

So let’s start by:

  1. Writing down all words that come to mind from answering those questions.
  2. Look for common themes or words.
  3. Write down the final word and put in a prominent place.

That’s it! You’ll notice when you focus on just the one word, it’ll be easier to shape the person you want to become better than any new years resolution every could!

So tell me, do you focus on one word or do you do New Years resolutions? How do you pick your word? What have been your words or resolutions in the past? 

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5 thoughts on “Choosing Your ‘Word of the Year’

  1. I picked a word of the year for 2016, but I can’t remember what it was. I probably didn’t do a very good job of picking it. Your tips definitely would’ve helped! I can’t wait to see what you’ve picked for 2018!


  2. Thanks for reminding me about choosing a word. I used YearCompass and loved it last time.
    My word in 2016 was “restore”. I might choose it again this year.
    I chose it because I felt I had let the circumstances of life push me away from the things I loved doing for years – music both listening and playing, movies/books, genealogy research, being out with nature, sewing and needlework, and others. I made significant gains this past year but I don’t feel quite complete yet.
    Maybe Completion or something like that might be a good word for 2017.


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