Monthly Goals

November 2017 Recap/December Goals

Whoa! Another month is over. It feels like I didn’t do too much but I am surprised by how well I did with my goals. We’re coming into December and although I don’t think it’s going to be too busy, I’m going to keep it open to spending time with friends and family to really make this time of year count and be extra special.

Let’s see how I did with my November goals!

November Goals


  • Plan one date night out.
  • Plan two date nights in.
  • Cook one night a week with The Mister.


  • Read two books that are on my TBR list.
  • Complete the Saturday Sudoku that comes in the newspaper.


  • Drink at least 5 glasses of water every day.
  • Wash all baby clothing we’ve received.
  • Keep sodium to 1500mg or less every day.


  • Go on 1 nature walk a week.
  • Listen to music daily.


  • Declutter bedroom closet in preparation for downsizing to one closet.
  • Declutter front hall closet.

Random Acts of Kindness

  • Donate gluten-free food to the food drive at work.
  • Donate our unwanted clothing after cleaning out our bedroom closet.
  • Buy a treat for a coworker.


  • Go to the Vancouver Christmas Market for a date night with The Mister.
  • Go to the Make It show for a date night with The Mister.
  • Cook with The Mister once a week.
  • Have our annual ‘Grinch and Grilled Cheese’ night.
  • Have a technology-free weekend.


  • Read two books that are on my TBR list.


  • Drink at least 5 glasses of water a day.
  • Keep sodium to below 1500mg a day.
  • Buy crib and crib sheets.
  • Register for baby/child CPR and first aid course.


  • Listen to music daily.
  • Spend 30 minutes on self-care on Sundays.
  • Watch 12 different Christmas movies in preparation for Christmas.
  • Visit friends on the Sunshine Coast.


  • Declutter the basement storage.
  • Take an inventory of the food storage in the basement.
  • Clean out fridge in preparation for Christmas cooking.

Random Acts of Kindness

  • Bring in baked goods for my coworkers.
  • Buy a hot drink for a homeless person.
  • Send out Christmas cards.

I hope everyone has an amazing December. This time of year always seems to have an extra sparkle to it each day.

So tell me, do you create monthly goals? Weekly goals? Does it help keep you focused?

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8 thoughts on “November 2017 Recap/December Goals

  1. Your goals interest me considerably.. These monthly goals seem very “do-able”.
    I like how your goals are regarding a variety of different areas of your life and the lives of others. More chances for success 🙂
    I want to succeed at goals and use your list as a model. Thank you for taking the time to share how this works.
    Realistically, I don’t want to go out of my comfort zone any more than I have to.
    I have tried to “be nice” (aka random acts of kindness) to family and friends and it doesn’t usually go well. Somehow it’s misunderstood as something else.
    So in order to be successful in achieving my goal I need to pick something somewhat self-gratifying.
    I, too, love the Christmas movie watching goal 🙂 But that would happen no matter what.


  2. um – you are seriously impressive elyse! way to completely rock your november goal list and i love your december ones too. picking out crib sheets was one of my favorite things to do! hope you share your registry list because i’ve got a little something for baby murray and also want to get something you need too (or a cute crib sheet)! YAY


  3. You did great with your Nov. goals! I like how you paid special attention to the health and wellness goals (and the relationship ones)!! Awesome job! Good luck in December!


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