20 Weeks Bumpdate

I’m officially at 21 weeks when this post will be published. I didn’t think I’d want to share a TON of pregnancy info BUT I honestly thought I’d hate being pregnant. Oh sure, don’t get me wrong the first trimester was awful BUT the thought that this was actually happening was an incredible feeling. Now that I’m feeling better, I’m even more excited about pregnancy and the impending arrival of Baby Murray.

Yesterday we had the big anatomy scan that included a thorough fetal heart/brain ultrasound to rule out any heart or brain abnormalities.  If we didn’t already know the sex(don’t worry! I won’t keep you in suspense much longer, probably next week I will spill the beans!) we would have found out during this scan as well. After this ultrasound we met with the genetic counselor to go over the results.

Also, at work we’ve made plans for me to go on sick leave starting February 1st and then maternity leave will start whenever Baby Murray is born. It’s surreal to me that I’m already thinking about not being at work!

Weight Gain
5-10lbs? Depending on the day and what I’ve eaten it’s more. I’m definitely feeling heavy in the belly though!

Maternity Clothing
I’ve been wearing maternity pants since the end of my 13th week full-time. I’m hoping to not have to buy any new shirts during my pregnancy thanks to my normally loose-fitting shirts I wear normally.

The first trimester was all about the sleep. The second semester seems to be all about insomnia. I think it’s because I’m peeing and eating more during the night and then it takes me time to fall back asleep after I reposition all my pillows. I’m sure it’s just going to get worse!

Baby Murray Likes
Fruit, greek yogurt, roasted vegetables, peanut butter and jam, dark chocolate and hummus.

Baby Murray Dislikes
When I cross my legs. I think Baby Murray is getting squished? Definitely can’t do it any more because Baby Murray goes nuts! Also, eggs are still disgusting.

Best moment so far
Feeling even stronger kicks! I’ve been feeling slight kicks from about 16 weeks but this week Baby Murray has been getting stronger and I’m loving it!

Missing anything
Since I’m eating low-sodium, I’ve been missing ALL the salt. I joke at least once a day that I just want a salt lick.

These photos are crappy because a) it was very impromptu to mark my 20th week and b) the lighting at work isn’t great.

Pretty much anytime anyone mentions a food, I immediately need it. Also, a never-ending craving for a hot dog. Specifically a chili cheese dog. Ya…..

Weird symptoms
Insomnia, BIG time! And also two days where my abdominal scar felt like it was stretching and it didn’t really hurt but it was a noticeable sort of pain.  I’m not feeling any heartburn, nausea is pretty minimal as long as I eat every 2 hours and I haven’t had leg cramps or anything yet.

Looking forward to
Getting our nursery set up and buying some of our bigger item purchases like cloth diapers. Also, having my family Facetime with us while we open Baby Murray’s presents sometime in January.

And that’s about all I have to share about that. I can definitely feel like Baby Murray is getting bigger because my belly is feeling heavy.

So tell me, what should I be expecting during the second half of my pregnancy? What was your favourite/least favourite thing about being pregnant? 

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8 thoughts on “20 Weeks Bumpdate

  1. Aww, you’re the cutest little pregnant lady!
    It’s always so funny to hear about people’s cravings and habits and experiences! Everyone goes through something different!


  2. More than halfway!! So exciting! Salt is much more tempting to me than sweets (although I know many of those also contain a good bit of salt), so I can imagine how tough it would be to have to avoid it as much as possible!


  3. Your bump is adorable! It’s funny you don’t want eggs- I constantly wanted scrambled eggs with sweet potato and avocado my entire pregnancy! Cravings are so weird 😂


    1. Pregnancy and cravings are SO weird! I hope they don’t get weirder since I’m pretty sure my husband will think I’ve lost my mind if I start eating pickles and ice cream.


  4. elyse…you are seriously SUCh a cute pregnant woman!!!! baby murray looks all snug and cute in there (is that creepy? probably). second trimester was by far my favorite. i felt like myself again, sleep was still my friend and thankfully i did get to eat all the salt i wanted (that would be SO hard. you are a strong woman)!

    so glad you are loving the kicks! they definitely weirded me out more than i enjoyed them for a good amount of my pregnancy (though i was grateful for them since it meant a healthy baby)!


    1. You’re sweet! I think my bump has grown seriously SO much since that photo was taken and that worries me for the rest of the 18 weeks! Haha! I’m sleeping okay as long as I take my antinausea medication which knocks me out but between needing to eat, drink and pee during the middle of the night, I’m already up at least twice during the night.


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