25 At-Home Date Night Ideas

After the first trimester sucking ALL my energy, I got a small glimpse into what our date nights will look like in the future. We don’t have family here and I don’t plan on leaving a small baby with just anyone so I think we’ll have to become creative in how we spend our time together.

I’m hoping to keep one day a week sacred for just us. Where we turn our phones and computers off and spend time together. It’s vital to our marriage because Quality Time is one of my husband’s top love language.

All of these date nights are approved by both of us!

Around the world date night
Cooking together is something I’m starting to enjoy. I’m excited to try some new recipes that are from around the world. Maybe, even getting creative using ingredients and cuisines we haven’t eaten before!
Fondue night
Chocolate and cheese. Nothing. Is. Better. Also, feeding each other is basically the most romantic night ever.
Raclette Night
The first time I had raclette, I was at my BFF’s house. It was magnificent, all of my favourite things in one. Bread, meat, cheese and pickled vegetables.
​Dessert​ for dinner
One of our favourite things to do at night when it’s too late for a coffee or tea is to have dessert for dinner! Nothing beats a sundae or banana split for dinner!
Breakfast in bed
It’s no secret that my husband cooks for me but he saves breakfast in bed for special occasions like my birthday or Christmas. I would LOVE to do breakfast in bed at night for this date night because breakfast for dinner is the best!
Soda tasting night
My husband recently brought home 6 different soda pops and it was seriously SO fun! We love sodas so this will be extra fun. We would definitely need to keep score so that we can remember our favourites.
Personal pizza night
Being gluten-free means personal pizzas is something we do often, but we don’t usually make them from scratch and that’s something I’d love to do together!
​Nacho night
Nachos are definitely in my top 10 favourite foods and it’s one of those things that both The Mister and I can enjoy together. We love things spicy so we love hot salsa, pickled jalapenos and even the addition of hot sauce.
S’mores night
I went more than 25 years without eating a S’mores. I’m not sure how I lived without them, but I’m now obsessed. My husband and I love making them just over the stove but we’d definitely add candlelight and blankets for more romance!
​British Bake-Off​
One of our favourite indulgences is putting on an episode of Great British Bake-Off a cup of tea and two chocolate bars that we share BUT instead of watching the show, I’d like to do some baking of our own and taste test to see who is the ultimate winner!
​Chocolate tasting night​
Can you tell we like sweet things? Along the same lines of the soda pop tasting night, I’d love to try different chocolate bars and rate them!

Board game night
The Mister and I had an impromptu date night last week where we played Listopia and Monopoly and it reminded me how much on a cold night, turning the tv off and playing a board game is seriously the BEST!
Nintendo night
There is NOTHING cuter than seeing The Mister’s face when I tell him I want to play a game on our PlayStation. He loves when I play video games with him. I need to remember to play with him more!
One of my favourite card games is UNO. I always seem to want to play it when the temperatures get cold so I might save this one for a winter night.
​Madlibs & Munchies​
I haven’t done Madlibs in YEARS but I was reminded about how fun they were when I did one recently at work and there was SO many giggles that I’m sure The Mister and I will have a blast! Obviously, since we’re obsessed with food, snacks will also be involved!

Bubble bath
The Mister and I LOVE taking bubble baths together. I have a feeling this will be a luxury for when Baby Murray is sleeping longer stints so that we can really enjoy ourselves!
Spa Day
One of my favourite ways to get ready for a hard work week is by pampering myself and I know that The Mister loves it too, but of course, he’s a bit more shy about admitting it then I am. I’m thinking facials, pedicures and massages.

​Themed Movie Night
One of our favourite date nights in is to curl up with a good movie and themed food from that movie. I wrote a whole post of awesome themed movie nights here.
Watch a sports game – baseball
We aren’t huge sports fans BUT the exception obviously is baseball. We don’t usually do anything special for baseball games but I would like to step it up a bit, by eating hot dogs and popcorn just like if we were at the baseball game! ​
Movie Marathon
This is an obvious one for us, obviously it’s going to probably have to be an afternoon date because I feel like we won’t make it past one movie if it’s late at night!
Grinch & Grilled Cheese
This is our long-standing tradition of watching The Grinch Who Stole Christmas original animated version during the first snowfall and making and eating grilled cheese! We occasionally get fancy and make fancy grilled cheese with bacon, green onion or pickled jalapenos.
Do a Craft
My husband is obviously the artistic one, but I sometimes get the inkling to do a craft for our house. I’m thinking a fun date night would be to make cute matching mugs, autumn wreath or winter centrepiece.
Youtube Night
We normally show each other funny or cute videos we’ve seen throughout the day but those usually are separate and then we come together. I’d love to be able to make a night of it!
Recreate a Photo Night
We have a TON of photos that are cute/embarrassing that I’d love to recreate! Or even another fun idea would be to recreate a funny photo you’ve seen of a celebrity couple that is hamming it up for the camera, similar clothing is a must!
​Reminisce with Yearbook/Photo Albums​
We used to do this all the time, but we’ve gotten out of the habit because Facebook makes it easy to creep on people and photo albums are so easily accessible online but I’d love to actually pull out some of our old photo albums so that we can see photos that were actually taken and printed with a real camera.

Hopefully with all these ideas we won’t ever get bored! Of course, we would love to also try to do date days with Baby Murray tagging along while they sleep but I may be romanticizing that notion because I have no idea if they will actually work out!

Happy Date Night!

So tell me, what are some of your at-home date night ideas? How would you/do you handle babies on a date night?

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