Intentions For The Week

Happy Monday! It’s Sunday morning  as I type this. We’ve had a relaxing weekend so far which is what I need after a busy work week!

Intentions For The Week
Read 50 pages of The Glass Castle.
Do some lunch meal prep – grilling vegetables, cutting fruit for a fruit salad.
Get rid of my unwanted clothing.
Drink MORE water.
Write one blog post for next week.
Meet with my maternal cardiologist and genetic counsellor this week.
Have a date night with The Mister.
Have a technology-free evening.

Here’s a quote I have been meditating on this past week:

Let’s make this week a great one!

So tell me, what are your intentions for this week? Let me know in the comments! 


4 thoughts on “Intentions For The Week

  1. Really love that quote! Hope you get a lot of things checked off from your list!
    I need to finish the book I’m reading, make a few T-day appetizers, and *relax* for a few days over the holiday weekend!


  2. I’m visiting my dad this week for Thanksgiving, so I don’t have too many intentions other than watching Dancing with the Stars and relaxing! That said, I have a few. I need to finish photos for my gift guide and get that published. I need to work with Dan to edit my first proper YouTube video and publish it. I need to work on cleaning out my childhood bedroom. There’s a lot to throw away, a lot to donate, and a lot to photograph to sell on ebay.


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