16 Years

16 years ago today, I said yes to “going out” with The Mister. 16 years ago, I said yes to having the adventure of a lifetime!

The Mister is the most thoughtful, sensitive and funniest person I know. I honestly can’t believe we’ve been together for so long, in SO many ways it feels like yesterday we had just started dating and now we’re married and having a baby. Seriously, my life feels like a fairy tale at times!

Get ready for some seriously adorable(and horrific…lol) photos of us!

The first photo, it is POURING rain and we had to go from the portables which were outside of the physical high school to inside. Of course, The Mister always had a smile on his face and such a positive attitude that even the rain couldn’t put him in a bad mood. Me, on the other hand, really hated being cold. The second photo is of us being announced at our Prom in Grade 12. In our hometown, after handing our invitations with our names on it over to the Town Crier, he announces us as all the parents watch on.

The first photo was taken along a wooded pathway coming from Sheridan College during our first or second year of college. The second photo is of us all dressed up for a Halloween party. The Mister is the Joker nurse from The Dark Knight and I am an 80’s prom princess.

The first photo was taken on one of the very first weekends spent in Vancouver. The second photo was taken just a few weekends ago!

Our wedding day! 🙂

Happy 16th dating anniversary! Can’t wait to see what the next 16 have in store for us!

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