Monthly Goals

November 2017 Goals

Whoa! Let’s not talk about how long it’s been since I’ve set any monthly goals. Sigh. Ah well. I need to remember I’m always a work in progress! I’ll be keeping my goals reasonable since I want to make sure that I’m successful for my first month back.

Here are my goals for November!

November Goals


  • Plan one date night out.
  • Plan two date nights in.
  • Cook one night a week with The Mister.


  • Read two books that are on my TBR list.
  • Complete the Saturday Sudoku that comes in the newspaper.


  • Drink at least 5 glasses of water every day.
  • Wash all baby clothing we’ve received.
  • Keep sodium to 1500mg or less every day.


  • Go on 1 nature walk a week.
  • Listen to music daily.


  • Declutter bedroom closet in preparation for downsizing to one closet.
  • Declutter front hall closet.

Random Acts of Kindness

  • Donate gluten-free food to the food drive at work.
  • Donate our unwanted clothing after cleaning out our bedroom closet.
  • Buy a treat for a coworker.

Here’s to an AMAZING November! I know I just need to be intentional with my time and keep my eye on my goals in order to attain them.

So tell me, do you create monthly goals? Weekly goals? Does it help keep you focused?

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6 thoughts on “November 2017 Goals

  1. I’m amazed at how much my daily walks help my outlook on life. Love that you have random acts of kindness in your monthly goals–that’s something I would never have thought about!


  2. I like your goal to do the sudoku in the paper! Also I should probably stop saying actual book titles in my goals. Haha I almost never read the books I plan to read. Haha Anyway, good luck with these goals!


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