Our Favourite Date Nights We’ve Ever Had

Most couples are guilty of doing the dinner-and-movie date nights WAY too often; ourselves included! The problem with that is, after a while, it can get kind of boring.

We all know the importance of going out on regular date nights with your spouse. Keeping the romance alive is hard sometimes, especially with work and family obligations. But it’s vital to keeping a marriage healthy and happy.

There’s nothing wrong with dinner-and-movie date nights every once in a while BUT when I think back on all of my date nights from the past 16 years with my husband, do any dinner and movie dates really stand out for me?

Nop. The dates we remember had nothing to do with either one of those.

I was thinking back on the best date nights I’ve had with The Mister, and they all involved doing something different, perhaps even very spontaneous but we did it together and had the BEST time.

Most of the photos are blurry and crappy because I was focused on the time spent together and NOT what my photo looked like.

1. Staycation at a fancy hotel.
We’ve done this twice and every time we vow to do this more often. The first time it was for our 6th dating anniversary after I won a contest for a one night stay at the Fairmont Royal York. We took the train into Toronto from Oakville, got dressed up and went to The Keg for dinner and basked in the glory of not having to clean up after ourselves!

The second time we did this was for our epic month-long first anniversary thanks to our friends. I recapped our staycation at The Ivy at Verity here.

2. Niagara Falls at night.
I LOVE when The Mister does spontaneous but planned things. He picked me up after work one summer day and announced that we were going to Niagara Falls for the night. We ended up doing the SkyWheel, kissing in front of the Falls, sharing a banana split, dinosaur mini-golf, a celebrity wax museum and a terrifying mirror maze that played Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror” on repeat.

3. 90s Trivia Night at Revue Cinema.
The Revue Cinema hosts many trivia nights but the one we were interested in was the 90s trivia! It was a LOT of fun but a lot harder than we expected. Lots of questions from Fresh Prince of the Bel Air, The Simpsons, Friends and Seinfeld. We definitely didn’t win BUT we did laugh a LOT.

4. Blue Jays playoff games at Nathan Phillips Square.
I’m sure I’m biased because I love the Toronto Blue Jays BUT being surrounded by other fans in the middle of Toronto, bundled up in winter clothing because in October Toronto can be VERY cold, eating Dirty Bird chicken and waffles while cheering on the home team was AMAZING! We still talk about the crazy people that we encountered on our date nights there.

5. Cottage weekends.
We went on a mini-moon to my parent’s cottage just a few days after we got married and it was an amazing time. We decided for our first anniversary that we would HAVE to go up there again. I LOVE my parent’s cottage in the autumn. It’s the perfect time for just relaxing together or going into the nearby town and checking out the quaint shops and being together, uninterrupted.

6. Santa Claus Parade and The Bay window displays.
When The Mister and I were dating in college we started the tradition of going to the Toronto Santa Claus Parade and then checking out The Bay window displays, sometimes we’d check out the other stores that also had cool Christmas displays. The photo below is actually in front of a candy shop. Both the Toronto Santa Claus Parade and The Bay Windows are quite well-known and they ALWAYS signify the start of the Christmas season to me!

If you and your spouse are in a date night rut, I encourage to think outside of the box and see what your town or city has to offer! You’ll discover how fun exploring and having fun with your spouse can be!

So tell me, what’s your favourite date nights you’ve ever been on with your spouse? What’s your dream date night?

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