The Name Game

Naming a baby is tough! People have different likes and dislikes and what constitutes a name. Luckily, for us we came up with a handful of rules rather quickly to figure out the perfect name for our baby.

  • Name should be in the Top 100 popular names BUT preferably not in the top 20.
  • No unique spellings or pronunciations.
  • No negative connotations in real life. Ex. No name of a former bully or crappy teacher.
  • Preferably a name from literature or movies because these are things we both love.
  • Preferably a name that can be shortened to have a cute nickname.
  • Name should be good for both a child and an adult. 

With those “rules” we both set out to make separate lists of boys and girls names that we liked of at least 30 names each. Any similar names were finally whittled down to the top 5 names for each and then AGAIN whittled to THE ONE.

These names were definite NO’s because although we liked the name it just didn’t work with our rules.

Names That Didn’t Make The Cut
Eloise – WAY to close to my name. I loved it but it would get confusing.
Beatrice – My sweet Nana Bliss’ name. I would have loved to honour her but it was a bit too old-fashioned even for me.
Abigail – We loved the name but it’s WAY too popular.
Alice – WAY too popular these days.
Christian – I loved the name but The Mister HATED the name.
William – I would have loved to honour my wonderful grandfather but Bill Murray was NOT going to happen.
Caleb – I loved the name but my husband had an elementary school bully named Caleb, so a definite NO.
Oliver – It’s The Mister’s middle name but WAY too popular even for me.

These were the top 5 names that we whittled down to a single name for both genders.


  • Parker
  • Nolan
  • Christopher
  • Charles
  • Connor


  • Matilda
  • Elizabeth
  • Lucy
  • Audrey
  • Sophie

After we whittled down the names we “Googled” their name, just to make sure it didn’t have some negative connotation that we didn’t know about. We’ve let our family know the name BUT we will be keeping it a secret until the baby is born.

Naming your baby is one of the biggest first decisions you make for your baby, it can be tough but setting out some rules with your spouse can be an easy way to separate the bad and good names.

The next step for me because my husband is SO against most social media he won’t be any help, is coming up with a hashtag for our baby!

So tell me, how did you decide on your baby’s name? What are some of your naming “rules”? What are some of your favourite baby names?

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20 thoughts on “The Name Game

  1. You guys were so strategic! I’d had one boy’s name in mind for a long time, the name of my great-grandfather (just looked it up, it’s #388 in popularity this year in the US, so not very popular, I guess). And we had several girl’s names that we liked but had never been able to come down to just one, or just one pairing of first name and middle name, so we decided we’d just wait and see if the baby was a boy or a girl before spending more time thinking about names. Our job was easy once we found out baby is a boy since we really only ever had one name in mind that we loved, and met our criteria. Angel’s priority was that it not be too difficult to pronounce for his Spanish-speaking family, while I wanted a name that wouldn’t seem too difficult to my English-speaking family, and wanted a name that wouldn’t be too common, but would still be recognizable and easy to spell. I think it’s so hard on little kids with 11-letter names! Also, a name that will “wear well” with time was important to me. I hear a lot of cutesy little boy names these days and it’s hard for me to imagine big strong men with these names! 😛


  2. Obviously I’m a really big fan of one of those names 😉
    I loooove the names Parker, Charles, Sophie, and Matilda, too! Naming a child would be SO fun 🙂 K and I already know what names we’ll use, lol!


  3. eeee i can’t wait to learn the winner!!!

    we obviously went WAY out there with our daughter’s name of atlas. we were laying on the couch and have a massive world map on our wall. we were randomly talking about kid’s name (we’ve always had our boy name picked out but not a girl’s name). i looked at our map and said ‘atlas’ and my husband said ‘OMG YES THAT’S IT. DONE.’ we do love that we can call her attie.

    it will definitely be a unique name of a girl and then eventually woman but i know she will by the type of person to totally and completely own it!


    1. You know what I love about Atlas’ name the most, is that she has the cutest nickname! I was always jealous of people who had cute nicknames from their first names. I always got weird nicknames that were mostly mispronounciations of my name from my family like Else and Weesie!

      I think that babies names always seem to fit their personalities so I’m sure it will be perfect for Atlas!


  4. Oh my goodness, I’m so excited for you!! You guys were so organized and I can’t wait to find out which one you picked. (Obviously I’m a wee bit biased towards Elizabeth haha).


    1. Having a unique name means I have had some rules in place to make sure my kids don’t have as many issues as I have had growing up! Haha we can’t wait to announce the name because we’re so excited!


  5. I’m excited to hear what name you chose!

    Choosing a name was by the HARDEST thing for us. We argued about it a ton. We went with Caleb, obviously (so I’m glad you guys had it on your list at first… great name!). Our issue was that Jerry wanted a really popular and common name and I wanted one that was more unique (but not some whacky, fake, made up name). I think Caleb was a good compromise for us. A little popular for Jerry but a little more unique than other names, for me. I wanted Declan or Callum but they were a no go for Jerry. Sigh. We got Caleb from Callum because they sound alike but Caleb isn’t quite as unusual which is what Jerry wanted.


  6. I love your naming process! Those rules all make sense. I also like your top 10 names!

    Dan and I have had baby names picked out for at least two years. We weren’t sure about the girl middle name until my mom died. We were already using her birth surname as a boy middle name, but now we also have my mom’s first name (legal middle name) as a girl middle name.

    So our names are Brita Lee and James Haugen.

    My name or its Americanized Bertha has been passed down for five generations, only skipping my mom’s generation. I’m also still in touch with my Norwegian cousins due to the extensive letter-writing of my great-great-grandmother, the original Brita. We’ll call her Bri (bree) so she still has her own name. Maybe Bri Lee.

    James is Dan’s middle name, which he gets from his godfather (who is also his favorite uncle). As a bonus, two of Dan’s best friends are named James.


    1. I love that you have chosen family names! We are definitely doing family middle names. I love that you have a name that’s passed down from multiple generations. That is seriously SO special!


  7. I LOL’d at Bill Murray! Also, I love your strategy! So logical! And I’m so excited to hear your final decision! I love all then names in your top 5 lists! So fun. And is it weird that I’m looking forward to coming up with a hashtag for future kids? Like, sometimes I think about it and actually check the hashtags on social media even though we’re still really far away from having kids! haha


  8. This is SUCH a good way to pick a name! Unfortunately, Devin and I picked names that were literally the most popular for the year….which means Aiden & Emma won’t be the only ones with those names in their kindergarten class 😉


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