Summer Memories

Hello, Friends!

It’s hard to believe we’re already in October. I still feel like it should be somewhere around May, but I digress.

I left you sometime in June, quite unintentionally. It started with just wanting one week to spend more time with The Mister. One week, turned into two and then I loved the freedom of not being chained to my computer every spare moment. Somewhere in July I got a wicked case of homesickness and everything fell to the wayside. I just wanted to spend some time with my family but my trip wasn’t until the middle of August. Then I went, and it breathed new life into me and I got excited to blog again but I wasn’t really sure how to start again. I decided to take some time and really focus on myself before I started to blog again. I have a new self-care routine that I’m loving, that incorporated daily self-care and weekly self-care so that I’m prepared for the stress of the work week. There is LOTS of exciting things coming to the blog in the month of October so you’ll definitely want to stick around. I promise not to abandon you anytime soon.

I’ll be telling you all about my summer so grab your tea or pumpkin spice latte and enjoy some pictures!

1. Met some penguins at the Vancouver Aquarium.

I’ll be telling you all about my time meeting some penguins in a later post but this was definitely a highlight of my summer. We got to feed this little lady, see the penguins exhibit, see where they prepare all the food for them and we got to pet her.

2. Toronto Blue Jays Game with the family.

I went back to my childhood home for my 31st birthday. All I wanted for my birthday was for my niece to sing me happy birthday BUT my parents also suprised me with Toronto Blue Jays tickets! My sister, my mom and dad and I headed into Toronto to see the Toronto Blue Jays play the Tampa Bay Rays. They ultimately lost a close game 3-2.

3. English Bay Beach Days with The Mister. 

This summer was pure perfection here in Vancouver. LOTS of hot sunny days, and very little rain. We spent a TON of weekends at the beach, soaking up the sun and the gorgeous views.

4. Summer Work Party at the Vancouver Canadians baseball game.

Thanks to a summer work party I was able to knock off ‘see a Vancouver Canadians’ game off my BC Bucket list! The Mister and I had a great time watching the Vancouver Canadians play. We didn’t end up going again like we said we would but we will next year!

5. Canada Day 150th Birthday Celebration 

I’ll admit I don’t usually celebrate Canada Day BUT this year was Canada’s 150th birthday so it was a special one so there were TONS of fun things to do. We went to nearby Central Park to watch the fireworks and watch a concert from Steven Page formerly of the Barenaked Ladies.

It didn’t always feel like we did a ton of things this summer BUT we did still end of having a lot of fun. I’m stoked for autumn, and to see what it brings!

So tell me, how was your summer? What were some of your favourite memories of this past summer?

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6 thoughts on “Summer Memories

  1. so happy you’re back, elyse! YAY! i also cannot wait to hear about the penguin experience! my husband is going to be SO JEALOUS. maybe we will have to come play in vancouver so he can experience it too 🙂

    happy you are feeling good and in a great self-care routine! yay!


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