Celebrating 3 Years of Marriage

Wowsers! In so many ways it just feels like yesterday that we were married, but in other ways it feels like we’ve been married forever.

What an amazing year we’ve had!

The third year of marriage has been full of ups and downs, lots of good times and bad times and living out our vows.

3 years of marriage isn’t significant But we’ve had a lifetime of adventure and learning and growing from and about each other. Continuing to build a life that I love with my best friend is one of my favourite things in this world.

Today, October 4th will always be my favourite day, because it will always be the day that we thought wouldn’t change our relationship, but it did, in such profound ways neither one of us could have imagined.

Being married to you is my greatest adventure. Happy 3 years…cheers to many, many more. I can’t wait to see what this year brings us! Thanks for doing life with me!

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