Physical Touch is Vital in Marriage

Physical touch has never been my top love language but that doesn’t mean I don’t need it, or crave it after a long day of work or when we’ve been apart for an evening. It’s amazing what happens to my mood after a quick cuddle on the couch. I’m not the only one! According to research physical touch can decrease blood pressure and stress hormone levels. This is important because it means that touch has a positive impact on your spouse’s health by reducing heart strain.

Physical touch can be the first thing that goes after a long time together but it doesn’t mean you can’t start today and turn it around. Awareness is the first step. Now take your awareness to the next level and implement some of these simple ways to add physical touch back to your marriage.

1. Hug more. For longer.
2. Hold hands while doing errands or taking a walk around the neighbourhood.
3. Snuggle up on the couch.
4. While talking to each other, hold hands.
5. Place your hand on your spouse’s arm or leg.

Touch is a powerful way to communicate and it will strengthen your marriage. Physical touch can make you feel safe and cared for. It can be a stress reducer and we can all benefit from reducing stress. A physical touch can also rekindle the spark and reignite the passion. Physical touch is a vital tool in sustaining a satisfying and successful marriage.

So tell me, is physical touch your primary love language? Do you touch your spouse easily or does it take some effort on your part? 

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9 thoughts on “Physical Touch is Vital in Marriage

  1. I’ve noticed that when my husband and I aren’t being physically affectionate or intimate, we are a lot grouchier with each other! and it’s not like we intentionally withhold affection from each other, we just get busy and take touch for granted. This is such a great reminder to make even the little things in marriage a priority!

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    1. We’re the same way if we haven’t been affectionate with each other in a while, we become nitpicky and get angry at each other over small insignificant things. I really think “hugging it out” can solve a lot of those little quibbles.


  2. Physical touch is low on our love language list and we’ve neglected it in the past. After a few fights about it, I think we’re getting a little better about it 🙂 K doesn’t like to be hot or cuddle much, but he knows if I’m in a mood or super tired that’s exactly what I need to turn things around!


    1. I don’t like to cuddle either…I don’t want anyone touching me while sleeping since I’m such a light sleeper BUT I definitely need hugs and affection after a LONG day of work or if we haven’t seen each other after a few hours. It’s great that you’re both working on being more physical with each other!


    1. At least you know that about yourself. I’m not a huge touchy person BUT for me a hug and a kiss seem to cure my grouchiness after a long day of dealing with people at work.


  3. i totally struggle with this one. this is my husband’s deep and overwhelming love language but i’m not a super touchy person (i found it drains my energy). thanks for these suggestions because i know i need to fill his love bucket more with this.

    this morning we did snuggle for a solid 10 minutes before i got up to get atlas. it was recharging for both of us!


  4. Girl, I’m with you completely! Physical touch is definitely not my primary love language. I love my space. BUT! I also crave it! (If only mostly from the people I’m closest to – Pearson) And sometimes I don’t even realize how badly I needed it until after a long hug. Then I feel good! haha


  5. Physical touch is my husband’s top love language. I like the physical contact most of the time, but sometime his need to cuddle all the time can get overwhelming.


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