Tea and Donuts Date Night

Last Saturday The Mister and I tried a new-to-us donut place called Cartem’s. We came for the donuts but the atmosphere was also very cool!

Price: $12 for two donuts and two teas.

Donut Menu                                                                   

  • Vanilla Bean Donut
  • Chocolate Glaze Donut
  • Smoked Maple Walnut Donut
  • Apple Fritter
  • Classic Vanilla Cake Donut
  • Canadian Whiskey Bacon Donut
  • Honey Parmesan Donuts
  • Triple Chocolate Donut
  • Salted Caramel Donut

Beverages are the basic beverages: looseleaf tea, coffee, london fog, hot chocolate and cream soda

Date Night Rating: 4 out of 5

I was supposed to take more photos BUT I was enjoying the good conversation and SUGAR, so excuse the lack of photos! Cartem’s Donuterie is a shop that we will definitely coming back to!

So tell me, do you have tea and donut date nights? Have you ever been to a gourmet donut shop? What’s your favourite donut shop where you live? What’s your favourite kind of donut? 

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9 thoughts on “Tea and Donuts Date Night

  1. I have never heard of this place and I have never visited a specialty donut shop. I’ve visited Maple Donuts..not sure if that counts.
    Our favorite dessert, when we desire to splurge a little with the calories, is a molten lava cake. We like the one especially from the Longhorn restaurant.


    1. They were out of this world good BUT they are way more expensive than regular donuts, are at least, in this area. Regular donuts at Cartem’s were $3.00 and gluten-free version was $3.50. Pretty hefty when you can get a regular donut for a dollar here.


    1. You’ll have to tell me when you find a favourite in Denver! Vancouver is getting SO many donuts shops too, not that I’m complaining since most of them have gluten-free options.


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