Motivation Monday: Make It Happen

As I sit here on Sunday evening another work week is upon us. I’m busy at work until about the end of the month so I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel which is giving me more head space for positivity and creativity.

I’ve been thinking about a TON of things I want to do this summer. You may remember my ‘word of the year‘ is intention. I always have the best of intentions of things I want to do but then I end up being lazy and never doing them which puts me in a weird funk of thinking I’ve never accomplished anything. All that to say, I’ve made a couple of goals that I want to share with you. These are goals that I’ve already signed up for so that I KNOW they will be accomplished.

1. I’ve signed up for archery classes. They start at the end of May. I’m ready to help build my hand-eye coordination AND to learn a new skill in order to become more of a badass.

2. I’ll be meeting some African penguins in August thanks to the Vancouver aquarium. I’m excited to get to feed and watch the penguins up close!

Let’s talk about setting and obtaining goals. We set goals constantly; from as small as “I will make it to work 15 minutes early.” to as big as “I want to run a marathon next year.” Setting goals is the easy part, but the execution part is where people fail.

Here are a few tips to help motivate you, so success is the only option:

    1. Set realistic goals.
    2. Take it one step at a time.
    3. Focus on your goal daily.

And this is an obvious one, but it’s something that I always still need reminding of, give 100% at all times. You got this, so go out and slay!

So tell me, what are some of your summer goals? Have you signed up for anything fun or interesting this spring or summer?

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12 thoughts on “Motivation Monday: Make It Happen

    1. They will let you meet a few other animals – otters and sea lions are the others that I can think of. It wasn’t too difficult to make an appointment. Mostly just finding a time that would work for them and for us, and of course shelling out the money!


  1. um you get to meet the penguins?!! that is so amazing! and an archery class?! you are the coolest. we have a piece of art that says “some people wish things to happen, some people want things to happen and others make it happen.” we do our best to fall into the last category!


    1. I love that quote! It’s awesome that you have it in your home as a great reminder to always dream big! I’m stoked to meet some penguins and to turn into the badass, that I know I am!


  2. Archery class and meeting penguins? This is seriously going to be the best summer for you! I’m so jealous! I think where I struggle the most with goals is focusing on them daily. Maybe I set too many goals to keep up with. But there is just so much I want to accomplish! haha


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