10 Saturday Morning Date Ideas

Every time The Mister and I have a Saturday morning date, I always wonder why we don’t do it more often. Most of the time, morning dates are cheaper(and if you need a babysitter, cheaper too!) and if you’re doing an activity there seems to be a lot fewer people which is a huge win for this introvert. I’m also much more of a morning person, so I love morning dates!

Here are 10 Saturday morning date ideas:

1. Morning movies
Saturday morning movies are cheaper AND there are very few people in the theatre. It’s seriously a win-win for me! Plus you aren’t usually tempted by the usual theatre food so the date can be really cheap.

2. Brunch
Brunch is everyone’s favourite meal of the day. That’s a fact. Brunch can be a cheaper meal than dinner too. Of course, you can always go to a fancy brunch restaurant and spend some cash too.

3. Morning at the beach
Catching a sunset on the beach may be the most spectacular and romantic date night possible. Of course, even if you go later in the morning, you’ll be able to enjoy the sunshine and fewer people still.

4. Picnic at the park
If movies have taught me anything, picnics in the park are literally the second most romantic date night possible. Pack your picnic basket with your favourite food and bring a blanket and enjoy some good conversation.

5. Workout session
The couple who sweats together, stays together. Get your endorphins going with an at-home workout or go to a fun workout class and sweat together.

6. Take a bike ride together
A lazy bike ride is a great way to get outdoors with your spouse. It’s also an activity if you can’t get a babysitter that’s great for all ages.

7. Take a walk in nature
If you’re not into biking, taking a walk holding hands is a great way to have some great conversations. And, just like the bike ride is something you can do with your kids if you can’t get a babysitter.

8. Coffee and donuts
Coffee and donuts go hand-in-hand. It’s also super cheap if you’re broke, and can be done even before work if there’s time.

9. Dessert for breakfast
Donuts are not the only kind of sweet food that’s acceptable at breakfast. Dessert food is good at any time, but there’s something about eating dessert for breakfast that feels SO right.

10. Thrift store shopping
Yard sales or thrift store shopping is a fun date idea for the cheap at heart. You can spend as much or as little as you want.

Making time to spend as a couple is vital to a happy marriage, but if you’re broke or you have kids it gets a bit more challenging but having morning dates is a great way to keep dating your spouse at all stages.

So tell me, what are your favourite Saturday morning dates?

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22 thoughts on “10 Saturday Morning Date Ideas

  1. My husband made me realize that any ‘occasion’ can be considered a date if we choose to look at it. Friday afternoons we like to do our groceries and we make a ‘date’ out of it, do a bit of shopping too, make sure to have fun… I love the idea of Saturday morning dates too – just this past Sunday we went to the gym together and then ran errands and it was so nice!

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    1. I totally agree! My only stipulation for a “date” is being able to actually talk with each other for at least part of the time we’re together, so errands totally can become a date night!

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  2. We love going to Saturday morning movies! Unfortunately, we’re usually too excited to see whatever movie we want to see to wait till Saturday. Once, we bought Saturday morning tickets to The Avengers: Age of Ultron in advance. On Thursday night, we kept seeing all our friends posting on Facebook about going to the premier that we decided we couldn’t wait. We got tickets for that night and still went on Saturday… Instead of saving money, we spent more. Oops. The rest of these ideas area also awesome! We love doing brunch. And sometimes that brunch is coffee and doughnuts. lol


  3. It’s Saturday morning here and we just went out for breakfast at a local Indian restaurant–yum–roti and nasi lemak! We try to do that pretty regularly, and it’s a favorite tradition!

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  4. I love the “couples who sweat together, stay together”! my husband and I do the Saturday ParkRun in our area every Saturday with a coffee and brunch date (even at homes sometimes) afterwards. I think that it is so vital for a healthy marriage to keep on dating, I love it when my husband calls me randomly at work and tell me to not make plans for Friday night and then surprises me with a dinner date 🙂

    Thanks for sharing great ideas!


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