6 Reasons Introvert-Extrovert Marriages Rock

I am an introvert. I need time to recharge away from people in order to feel centred and happy. The Mister is an extrovert. He likes spending time with people, talking and making new friends; people energize him.

Do opposites attract? Of course they do! People are drawn to people who have different personality characteristics than they think they possess.

Marriage articles seem to think that the effort is too great to make introvert/extrovert marriages work. But I’m here to tell you that extroverts and introverts can make the perfect couples.

Here are 6 reasons why an introvert and extrovert make for a great pair in marriage.

  1. The introvert is content in listening while the extrovert loves to talk and have an audience.
  2. You encourage each other out of our comfort zones.
  3. Introverts encourage self-reflection and extroverts encourage talking out problems instead of trying to figure them out by yourselves.
  4. You become master negotiators because you’re always striking deals on how many days in vs. days out.
  5. You balance each other out.
  6. You help each other experience life in different but fun ways.

Married couples tend to have differences in their personalities, and like the saying goes, “opposites attract.” Having a different personality can cause conflicts in your marriage but there are SO many positive aspects to marrying your opposite!

So tell me, does your spouse have a different personality than you? How do you make it work? What would you add to my list?

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12 thoughts on “6 Reasons Introvert-Extrovert Marriages Rock

  1. Kyle and I are both introverted in nature, but he has extrovert qualities. He enjoys going out more than I do and he likes to recharge alone- but also with me around, lol. I’m full blooded introvert and he’s partially. Lol


    1. Haha full-blooded introvert. I like that description. I think that at times I could be described that way because I’m friendly and like having conversations BUT I don’t like small talk or useless conversations that go nowhere. They drain me.


    1. I’m not shy but I’m an introvert so when forced outside my home, most people wouldn’t think I’m an introvert but I’m definitely okay with never leaving the house…lol


  2. Yes. Yes. Yes. We’re in the same situation and it’s so true! Being married to an extrovert has brought me out of my shell and my comfort zone so much. And no, it’s not easy! One thing I’ve learned though is that Pearson wants to hear about my day too. Yes he needs to talk a lot, but he also wants to listen. Listening can be hard for him sometimes (and honestly it can be hard for me too) but he never truly feels connected if he’s the only one doing all the talking. That’s been the biggest struggle for us in our introvert/extrovert relationship.

    About opposites attracting, absolutely they do! I know I was attracted to Pearson because he has such great personality traits that I envy. That I strive for. He doesn’t care what people think. And he can socialize with anyone. People are drawn to him.

    Anyway, that’s my two cents. haha love this post!


  3. Jordan and I are opposites too! He’s introverted and I’m extroverted, and I can totally agree to these. We do encourage each other to get outside of our comfort zones, and we have had to learn how to best communicate with each other too 🙂


  4. Yes! I’m definitely an introvert and Zach is a little of both (an ambivert, I think it’s called). I love that we push each other out of our comfort zones.


    1. Ambivert is a great way to describe me, too. I’ve never heard that term! I’m friendly when outside of my home and can talk a lot BUT I prefer to stay in my house and I’m defnitely a homebody!


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