Monthly Goals

April 2017/March Recap

This month was busy at work BUT I tried to prioritize my life around work and my relationships. That meant my home may have suffered but in the long run for me it matters that I always prioritized my relationships over housework so I think I was quite successful even if I didn’t manage to complete all of my goals exactly as stated in the beginning of the month.

Prioritizing my marriage was huge this month. My goals were to plan one at-home date night and 1 outside date night. We managed to get out for two date nights – one was spent bookstore hopping, going to Macleod’s Books and Chapters and then for tea and our second date night was to Meat on Main. We also spent every evening either drinking tea together or having a bath together. We also managed to take two bike rides together.

I’ve started reading again but it’s going slowly thanks to being busy so I didn’t manage to read two books BUT I am reading a great thriller. I think I’ll need to prioritize reading before bed again because reading on my commute isn’t always reliable.

I have almost weaned myself entirely off sugar in my tea! I’ve been putting sugar in my tea about once week as a treat. I don’t mind it as much without sugar now but I still prefer it with sugar. I have also started taking a Calcium supplement AND started taking a probiotic. I had to put off my making a neurosurgery appointment due to work being SO busy but I haven’t forgotten about it so I will probably try to accomplish that in May.

I managed to put the breakfast dishes away before work everyday BUT I didn’t create a chore chart yet. I need to though, since I feel like I’m neglecting some parts of our house.

I also didn’t leave a note on a coworkers desk BUT I did manage to verbally praise a coworker who got a promotion along with myself this month.

So here are my April goals:


  • Plan 1 at-home date night.
  • Plan 1 out of home date night.
  • Take 2 bike rides together.
  • Have a technology-free night with The Mister at least 1x a week.


  • Read 2 books.
  • Take 10 minutes a day to sit in silence.


  • Get 8 hours sleep – 5x a week.
  • Do my hip exercises from the physiotherapist.
  • Wear moisturizer every day.


  • Take a nature walk 1x a week.
  • Practice self-care daily.


  • Clean breakfast dishes every day before work.
  • Pick up clothing off floor every day after work.
  • Declutter my bedroom closet

Random Acts of Kindness

  • Do something nice unexpectedly for a friend.
  • Give up my seat no matter what to anyone who may want or need it on the Skytrain at least 2x a week.

So tell me, what are your goals for April? Do you set goals for yourself each month? If so, do you find it helps keep you progressing? Did you make any goals or resolutions for the year? Tell me about them!

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10 thoughts on “April 2017/March Recap

  1. I’m impressed that you and your husband spend intentional time with one another every night. We definitely don’t do that. Sometimes we intentionally spend time away from each other, lol. Although we work together so breaks are healthy and necessary. Haha!


    1. I love your honesty Audrey. If I worked with my husband I would need more intentional time away from mine too! We don’t necessarily spend a ton of time together each day sometimes it’s 15 minutes or as long as a few hours. It depends on how late I’m working these days/how tired I am.


    1. Thanks, Chelsea! Spending intentional time with my husband is keeping me sane these days. I cut down sugar in my tea BUT I definitely overdid the sugar this weekend. Ah well, you win some, you lose some.


    1. I don’t know why I stopped reading before bed, considering I did that for the first 25 years of my life and somehow the last 5 years I have forgotten about it. I’m totally loving it though!


  2. I love your marriage goals! We love taking baths together too. Of course, it’s starting to get hot here, so the baths will probably slow down soon. Luckily our new house has a lovely garden tub just like our rental townhouse did. 🙂 Although the rest of the new master bathroom is a lot smaller overall. 😦

    Also I weaned myself off sugar in my tea last year! It honestly took most of the year. After doing Whole30 last January, I was able to halve the sugar I added to my favorite strong black tea. I also started ordering iced tea half and half. Eventually I stopped adding any sugar to my tea. I still add honey to my tea when I have a sore throat, and I occasionally order half and half iced tea as a treat, but otherwise, I drink all unsweetened tea!


  3. I don’t think I realized you take a Skytrain to work. I’m jealous! I’ve always thought commuting is such a waist of time and I wish I could ride a bus or train and do something productive on my commute like read.


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