I’m Not A Type A Personality

When it comes to society people seem to praise the “Type A” personality. People and more specifically women seem to wear it as a badge of honour. But I am not a Type A personality.

Type A has become a buzzword and catch-all descriptor for the more driven, list-making crazy person who tries to do it all and has no regard for relationships. The opposite of that, Type B’s are patient, cooperative and creative who value relationships over to-do lists.

There are actually 4 types of personality but most commonly known are Type A and Type B.

I’m actually a Type B personality. It took me MANY years and personal reflection to realize this because as a women I felt pressure to be a Type A. Oh sure, I make lists like the Type A personality but that’s not because I have an imaginary list of 100 things I think need to be done. I do it because I have a horrible memory and don’t want to be fired because I forgot something. I also can be impatient with people but that’s not because I don’t think they’re important it’s because I am an introvert and when I’m emotionally drained I have a tendency to snap at people unintentionally. I also care about being on time for scheduled appointments because it’s rude to be late. Duh.

Here are some positive aspects of Type B’s in work, marriage and friendships.

Type B’s at Work

  • We are cooperative not competitive which makes people want to work with us.
  • We can handle failure appropriately and without taking it personally.
  • Not bound by lists or the “right way” to do something allows us to be creative problem solvers.
  • We can handle stress even under the most dire of circumstances.

Type B’s in Marriage

  • We are even-tempered.
  • We are reflective and tend to want to fix things immediately and not let things fester.
  • We can comfortably change and adapt to life changes.
  • We tend to express our feelings easily.

Type B’s in Friendships

  • We value our relationship for companionship and a good time instead of what they can do for us or what we can get out of the relationship.
  • We see the good in people.
  • We are loyal to friends and tend to have friendships that last a LONG time.

There are obviously a lot more subtle aspects to personality that don’t fit neatly into the 4 types but the praise of Type A’s while Type B’s are criticized needs to stop. Everyone regardless of their personality type has positive and negative aspects that they bring to their work, marriage and friendships.

So tell me, are you a Type A or B personality? Or maybe you’re one of the others? Let me know!

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6 thoughts on “I’m Not A Type A Personality

    1. I think in my line of work specifically, we definitely can get criticized where the expectation is that you will be 100% dedicated to your work. I am not 100% dedicated to any type of work unless it’s too enhance my relationships with people.


  1. I know that I am Type-A. It’s helpful when it comes to getting things done, but it becomes a little stressful when plans change or human error happens. I don’t have anything against Type-Bs, though. My husband is one 🙂 Ha.


    1. Opposites attract! My husband and I are both Type B’s. We are compatible BUT we are SO horrible at following through with our goals. It’s weird.


    1. I think some people do mellow as they age. It’s great that you can recognize that you do get stressed when plans change, since that’s the first step in changing that behaviour.


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