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February Confessions

Happy March!

I feel like we’re finally getting a bit closer to spring. The days are getting longer and warmer and I am SO excited to experience my first spring in Vancouver. Life is crazy thanks to work but I’m still having lots of fun.

In a related note about confessions, does anyone else think about church when you say confessions, or is it just me? You can take the girl outta the Catholic church but you can’t take the Catholic church outta the girl, that’s for sure.

Here are my confessions:

I Confess…The Mister and I wanted to do or go somewhere fun and exciting last Saturday like every 30 something with no kids should, instead we ended up going to the grocery store and for tea and then we went home. #wearesoold

I Confess…This week I’ve eaten two packages of cookies with my tea. That’s a lot of sugar for someone who keeps telling herself she needs to eat less sugar.

I Confess…I’m obsessed with the show Riverdale, even though I’m probably not their targeted demographic. I love how dark and dramatic it is.

I Confess…The struggle is real to keep me away from drinking a shamrock shake from Mcdonald’s daily.

I Confess…I accidentally drank out of someone’s water glass the other day at work. I was pretty sure I was going to die from the plague; I’m happy to report I didn’t die.

I Confess…I can’t stop buying gifts for my niece’s upcoming birthday. The Mister keeps saying I’m overcompensating because I feel guilty for leaving her, I am obviously denying that.

I Confess…We haven’t done any real sightseeing in Vancouver. We like what we like so we keep going back to them. It’s also easy to get wrapped up in our exciting life(see my first confession…)

I Confess…It’s been 3 weeks since I cleaned our bathroom. Thankfully, we haven’t had friends unexpectedly over.

I Confess…It’s been a while since I’ve read a book after my awesome January reading binge. It’s hard to get back into the groove even though I bought a new ereader.

Here’s to a crazy but awesome March!

So tell me, what are some of your confessions? 

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16 thoughts on “February Confessions

  1. Our bathrooms always suffer. I HATE cleaning the bathroom. It’s my least favorite chore! Also, we are two late-20s/almost-30 somethings that try to plan big weekend adventures and then end up on the couch with takeout and Netflix. Lol. We’ve been so busy with work that we’re too tired to have an adventure. Ha.


  2. Haha so so glad you didn’t die from the plague…..keep an eye on your co-workers in case any of them exhibit plague-like symptoms 😉 Also I always eat a tonnnn of cookies with milk. Haha oh well!


    1. I’m SO glad I’ve survived the typical months of people with colds. Cookies and milk just go hand-in-hand, it’s just not right to have one and not the other.


  3. Hahaha, unless we have company coming, we only clean each bathroom once a month. They just don’t get that dirty with only two of us. I might do the occasional quick wipe-down between cleanings, but that takes about 2 minutes.


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