Monthly Goals

March 2017/February Recap

You’re tired of hearing from me that work is busy but I’m here to tell you that February was crazy. And March will be too, so I’m going to be keeping my March goals reasonable for how busy we are.

We didn’t manage to have any real date nights at home BUT we did manage to have lots of tea time together on the couch so I’m thinking that counts. We also managed to go to the Vancouver aquarium and sea wall after my husband declared it Elyse’s Day Out after we heard about the sudden but not unexpected death of my childhood cat, Hannah aka. Hannie.

My ereader went AWOL so I had to buy a new one, which I only received the other day so I didn’t manage to read any books and the rest of my February goals weren’t completed either. Oh sure, I did walk around but it wasn’t necessarily in nature.

I did manage to take my blood pressure once a week and drink green tea every day. I’m usually alternating between a milky breakfast tea in the morning and a green tea in the afternoon to boost my energy.

The other sections for our Home and Random Acts of Kindness were sadly neglected this month, thanks to work.

So here are my very simple March goals.


  • Plan 1 at-home date night.
  • Plan 1 out of home date night.
  • Take a bike ride together 1x a week.
  • Finish our wedding photobook.


  • Read 2 books.


  • Make neurosurgery appointment.
  • Wean myself of any sugar in my tea.
  • Start taking calcium/magnesium supplement.
  • Start taking Vitamin D.


  • Clean morning dishes every day before work.
  • Create a chore chart.

Random Acts of Kindness

  • Leave a positive note on a coworkers desk.

So tell me, what are your goals for March? Do you set goals for yourself each month? If so, do you find it helps keep you progressing? Did you make any goals or resolutions for the year? Tell me about them!

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8 thoughts on “March 2017/February Recap

  1. Hmmm. I could definitely benefit from a chore chart. Lol
    I’m so sorry about your family kitty. That’s never easy, even if it was expected. I’m sure she had the most wonderful, comfortable, warm life with your family! It’s terrible that animals don’t get to be here long, but it’s wonderful when their time is 100% filled with love and comfort!


    1. It’s still sad looking at pictures of Hannie, but I’m more sad that my niece won’t have any memories of her. She loved Hannie, it was the first thing she would do when she went to my parent’s house. I am slowly reworking my chore chart! Hoping to have a post about it because I think it could really free yourself from doing too little or too many chores when life is busy.


    1. Wooo I love the idea of peach-mango black tea! I am a huge fan of peach/mango anything but I especially love them in teas. Gonna try and find one. I just did it cold turkey but I’m not loving most black teas yet.


  2. oh no i’m sorry about your kitty – that’s sad 😦 on a positive note – the vancouver aquarium is amazing, isn’t it?! we really liked it. there is a very tasty tea (and i really hate all teas for the most part) which sort of tastes like a sugar cookie so that could help cut out actual sugar! it’s called “harney & sons – vanilla comara” and it’s in a tin!


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