How To Create A Self-Care Box

My life is crazy until about May thanks to my job. I was warned of this in early December but to be honest with you, I assumed it wouldn’t be that bad. It’s bad. On a good day I’m working from 7:00am until 5:00pm on a bad day I’m there until 8:00 or 9:00. All that to say, I need self-care right now because after giving SO much to work and giving SO much to The Mister, I feel shattered without a bit of “me time”.

Self-care is more than just self-indulgence; it’s about meeting your emotional and physical needs. Every persons’ self-care box is going to look a bit different but I think it’s vital because when you’ve given so much, it’s easy to forget what you can do for self-care. It’s ready for you, all in one neat box for whenever you need it.

The first question you need to ask yourself when creating your self-care box is, what do you want to feel or experience after using your self-care box? Some ideas might be relaxed, replenished, whole or connected. For me, my answer always seems to be relaxed or replenished.

The second question you need to ask yourself is how much time can I realistically devote to self-care? If you have young kids or work during the day that’s going to have to factor into what you put in your self-care box.

The third question you need to ask yourself before creating your self-care box is how much money can I realistically devote to self-care? If money is tight, you’ll need to tweak your box so that self-care doesn’t become another burden.

Like I said up above, self-care boxes are going to look different but I’ll get you started with some ideas for both meeting physical and emotional needs. Also, some of these things won’t be able to fit into a designated box/bag BUT that doesn’t mean you can’t put a reminder in the bag or box of some ideas.

In my self-care box I have: a book, candles, tea, a microwaveable heating pad, bubble bath and a Lush bath bomb all for the sole purpose of a long luxurious bath. Some people do yoga for relaxation, I read in the bath!

Here are some other ideas to get you started:

Pedicure/Manicure kit with nail polish
Bath bombs
Bubble Bath
Running shoes/exercise clothing
Yoga Mat

Journal and pen
A book

Hopefully you’ll take some time for yourself this week and think about putting together a self-care box!

So tell me, have you created a self-care box? What would you put in it? What’s your ultimate indulgence? 

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16 thoughts on “How To Create A Self-Care Box

  1. It’s trade show season for us right now, which then rolls into competitive show season (for our customers), which then rolls into summer which is our busies time. (“Off season is Sept./Oct. for us. Woof!) So we’ve been on the road and very social lately. That means this introvert needs downtime when she’s home 😉
    I love pouring some wine and crawling into the bath with a book or making some tea and snuggling into bed with a favorite TV show or movie 🙂


    1. A good book and wine in the bath sounds like everything I have ever wanted! What a great way to unwind when life is busy. September is a long time but I’m sure you’ll get through it!


  2. What a great idea! My problem is that most of the stuff you’ve listed has a special place in my apartment. Or that I would want to use it by itself without the rest of the self-love stuff. Like, my current read usually stays in my purse. And my journal stays on my night stand to journal before bed. Hmm.


    1. I usually put more of a light read in my self-care box and a darker read in my purse or beside my bed because that’s what I normally read. I have separate things for my self-care box and for my everyday living. I have regular candles around my house but I have my current favourite scent in a smaller version in my self-care box.


  3. I love your idea of a self care box Elyse! I’m going to get one and fill it with special things that i deserve that i don’t indulge in. some nice soap and cream from L’Occitane, a few Godiva Chocolates and a nice bottle of wine! place them in the box and save for a special afternoon just for me!


  4. I don’t have one, but it’s a great idea to have everything in one place ready to go when you need it. It’s trade show season for us right now, which then rolls into competitive show season (for our customers), which then rolls into summer which is our busies time.


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