Our Past, Present And Future

I’m linking up with Brita again for #LoveBlog2017 today and the prompt is “Past, Present and Future.” Check out Brita’s introduction post to see the rules and daily prompts.

When you’ve been together as long as we have you tend to have lots of favourite things to do depending on the season of life you’re in. We’ve also lived in a few different places and it’s always fun to discover new places that we love when we’ve moved to a new city.

Here’s the lowdown on some of our favourite things to do and eat in every stage of our life so far.

High School

We lived in a small town east of Toronto. Our options were pretty limited for date nights but we managed to have lots of fun together despite our lack of money and options for date nights.

Favourite Date Nights: Going to our local movie theatre.

Favourite Memory: Our first official “Grinch and Grilled Cheese” where we make grilled cheese and watch the animated version of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. It was on a snow day that we spent the day at my house enjoying our Grinch and grilled cheese.

Favourite Meal: A&W Mama Burger Combo

Favourite Pastime: Movies. Whether it was at the local theatre or watching movies at our parent’s house.

Favourite Trip Taken Together: Technically we didn’t go on any trips BUT we did manage to go to the beach and our local theatre.


We had access to more money but we didn’t move to the same town until our last years of school so we still were doing the long distance thing but it felt really easy since we saw each other at least monthly or more.


Favourite Date Nights: Movies….again. Can you tell we like the movies?

Favourite Memory: One day we took the train into Toronto and watched the Santa Claus Parade, visited the Christmas window displays at The Bay and had pizza had The Big Slice.

Favourite Meals: Chicken Bibimbab from Little Tokyo or nachos from Shoeless Joes.

Favourite Pastime: Movies? Hanging out with each other. Doing anything. We were just happy that the distance didn’t feel like distance.

Favourite Trip Taken Together: One summer day near my birthday The Mister picked me up from work and told me we were spending the night in Niagara Falls! We did the SkyWheel, kissed in front of The Falls and tried to make our way out of a mirror maze.


We spent 6 years in Toronto, so obviously we have lots of great memories of Toronto. We also had LOTS of firsts in Toronto. First “adult jobs”, first apartment together, we got engaged in BC and married in our hometown but it all happened while living in Toronto.


Favourite Date Nights: Toronto Blue Jays games.

Favourite Memory: We tried to go on a date night but our tickets were for the wrong day and our reservation was for the wrong day so we winged it and ended up eating Dirty Bird on the front steps of the ROM and laughing more than I think I have ever in my entire life.

Favourite Meals: Anything from Barque, but I loved their pulled pork and beef brisket the most. Also, The Butter Chicken Factory, Dirty Bird and La Revolucion.

Favourite Pastime: Eating? Haha….uh….let’s also say Blue Jays games.

Favourite Trip Taken Together: Our frequent visits to the Toronto Island. It felt like paradise to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


We’ve officially been in Vancouver for 8 months. We’re still discovering our favourites but it’s been awesome making memories and making Vancouver our home.

Favourite Date Nights: Vancouver Aquarium and Granville Island have both been amazing places we’ve been multiple times.

Favourite Memory: Visiting our nature trail for the first time. It was like the animals and nature knew I would be in awe because we saw a woodpecker, loons, squirrels and a stellar’s jay all among a river and these HUGE trees.

Favourite Meals: The El Fab at Meet on Main

Favourite Pastime: Walking the nature trail near us or drinking tea together.

Favourite Trip Taken Together: We haven’t gone on any spectacular trips yet but I have LOVED the views from the ferry when we’ve gone to visit our friends on the Sunshine Coast. We’re hoping to explore more in 2017 now that we’re settled.

We have a bucket list for things that we still want to do in Vancouver and surrounding area. I’m excited to make more memories and find the hidden gems that are surrounding us.


So tell me, what are some of your favourite memories or meals from your past with your spouse? What cool trips have you been on together? 

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12 thoughts on “Our Past, Present And Future

  1. Oh this is such a cool idea! I may have to borrow it since we’ve been together since high school and have already been through several stages of life together like you!


  2. I think it’s so fun that you have traditions that you have been doing since you started dating years ago. I love the concept of Grinch and grilled cheese.


    1. Ticket prices are insane but we do have a few ways to make it cheaper – like Costco or going on Saturday mornings or Tuesday evenings, those are our cheaper days and times.


  3. I love seeing pictures of you two at different stages! It’s amazing how much y’all have done together. Dan and I celebrate 3 years of marriage this month. July will mark 6 years since our first date. Sometimes I can’t believe I lived such a full life before I met him. Other times I can’t believe that someone as wonderful as Dan would pick ME to be his WIFE FOREVER AND EVER! It just feels too good to be true ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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