Caught In The Pulpit By Daniel C. Dennett


Title: Caught In The Pulpit: Leaving Belief Behind

Premise: In confidential interviews, clergy reveal how their lives of service are overshadowed by hypocrisy because they continue to work as preachers, deacons, priests or rabbis shepherding their flock because of the pay cheque not because they believe in a higher power.

My Thoughts: The premise is a great one, I loved the interviews. Some of these stories are actually quite heartbreaking because you can tell how conflicted the interviewees are. That being said, I can’t give this full stars because I felt the chapters were disjointed and hard to really get into each interview because of the way it was presented. If the chapters were divided by each interview it would have made for a more compelling story or I would have been able to get into each of the stories more.

My Rating: 3/5

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So tell me, have you read Caught in the Pulpit? What did you think? What are you reading right now? Do you enjoy ex-religious stories like this?

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4 thoughts on “Caught In The Pulpit By Daniel C. Dennett

    1. Sigh, I definitely was cruising, my ereader died last week and I’m waiting for my new one to arrive. Should be here by the 20th. Hoping to finish at least one other book.


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