5 Tips For Being Intentional Every Day

Happy Friday! I’m 27 days into living intentionally, which basically makes me an expert. Just kidding, obviously, but what I have learned the past 27 days is, it’s not as hard as I thought it would be. It doesn’t mean I get everything done that I intended, but it does mean I’m putting thought into my day and not letting myself get sucked into anything that is a time-waster.

As I become better and better at being intentional with my time, I’ve come up with 5 tips for being intentional every day.

1. Turn off your electronics.
I’m working on this. I’m still connected to my phone BUT I’ve started reading in the evenings instead of turning on the tv or turning on my computer. I feel more rested and like I haven’t wasted my evening.

2. Plan your day out the night before.
I’ve always been really good at looking what’s coming up for the week to plan with The Mister our week or even plan what I’m going to wear for work the night before to help in the morning but I’m notorious for never meal planning or coming up with productive alternative plans when plans fall through.

3. Don’t forget to plan alone time.
I’m definitely an introvert but even extroverts need alone time. Time to dream, time to decompress, anything. I’m trying to spend 30 minutes a day by myself. No phone, no husband. Five of those 30 minutes, I’m trying to sit in silence, something I am REALLY bad it. I am hoping to extend the silent time as I get better at sitting in silence.

4. Don’t forget about others.
Living intentionally, seems like it would be very selfish but living intentionally isn’t selfish when you plan your day helping or interacting with others. I’m really enjoying learning about my coworkers and friends recently, asking questions I may not have asked them otherwise.

5. Create a schedule but don’t be a slave to it.
Being intentional usually means scheduling your day, and scheduling can be wonderful but don’t let yourself get bogged down by the schedule. If a friend or your spouse needs you but according to your schedule you should be showering, take the phone call or sit on the couch and listen. Relationships should trump everything.

So there ya have it, 5 tips for being intentional every day. Hopefully as the year goes by, I can add to these.

So tell me, do you live intentionally? What are your tips to living intentionally? Do you schedule your day?

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8 thoughts on “5 Tips For Being Intentional Every Day

  1. Great tips. 30 minutes alone sounds heavenly. Typically K and I spend a little time alone while we’re home, but the dogs are ALWAYS with me. Lol. So does that count? Ha.


  2. #5 is the one I need to work on the most. I’ve got a tentative schedule and then I prioritize my tasks for the day and I try to stick to the scheduled times but then work my way from the top of the list down. For example, when it’s my “cleaning” time, I’ll start at the first cleaning task and work my way down. When cleaning time is over and it’s time to play with the kids or something, I stop, whether I got to the end of my cleaning list or not and the rest of the stuff gets done in extra time at the end of the day (working from the top of my entire list down) or moved to the next day.


    1. It can be a delicate balancing act with schedules and real life, can’t it, Amberly? I think if no one is suffering a schedule or list is fine but remembering real life can get in the way and that’s okay too.


  3. I like to use Sunday as prep day, laying out all my outfits for the week and doing meal prep & planning. I need to get better about actually scheduling introvert time and recognizing that it’s different than spending time with family/friends. I really need that half hour or so with my own thoughts.


    1. I’ve wanted to implement a Sunday prep day, I just haven’t been able to do it yet since something always comes up. Introvert time has really helped me in my relationships with my husband, my family, and my coworkers.


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