16 Favourite Photos From 2016

2016 was an amazing year for The Mister and I, jam-packed full of adventures, excitement and lots and lots of photos. It’s hard to pick favourites from it all but here are my personal top 16 from 2016.

Some of these I’ve posted on the blog and some I’ve posted on my Instagram. Check out the captions underneath to see what the photos are all about. Please disregard some of the blurry photos, photographer, I am not!

Spent the day with Amanda at the Royal Ontario Museum. The gemstones are my favourite part of the museum.
South St. Burger makes AMAZING burgers, all with a great gluten-free bun and pretty much any topping you could imagine. They don’t seem to be in B.C. which means when I’m in Ontario next, I’ll be going back there!
Some book friends including Amanda, invited me to see the advanced screening of Me Before You. It was a great movie and a great book.
This may be our favourite restaurant in Toronto. It has the BEST chicken and waffles, like, EVER.
My sweet Hannie. She’s 19-years-old, she’s much slower than she used to be, but she loves all the attention that she gets thanks to my niece.
I was SO nervous to post this photo. This was our announcement photo that we were moving to Vancouver. Even though we’d been planning for months to move there, it was kept a secret until this photo.
This was the first photo I took when we’d landed in Vancouver. It’s near the Athlete’s Village that was built for the Vancouver winter Olympics.
I am still in awe of how huge these trees are! This is a nature trail near our house.
After 21 days without internet after we moved into our new home, The Mister was getting pretty stir crazy.
This view is from the ferry on our way to the Sunshine Coast to visit friends. It was our first time on the ferry. The photo doesn’t do the view justice, the mountains, ocean and trees are seriously breathtaking.
My mom and sister missed me SO much that they had to come for a visit in November. This is in front of the totem poles in Stanley Park.
On December 26th, in Vancouver all of our snow had melted but just a short ferry ride away on the Sunshine Coast, it was a winter wonderland!
Girls weekend with sweet Rosie.
This photo I took while standing on rocks. It’s looking out into the Pacific Ocean. Until I’d posted the photo, I didn’t even notice the couple sitting on the rocks.
On our way to the Toronto islands, I snapped this photo. It reminded me of Miami or something. Definitely, not Toronto but somehow it is!
I saw this heron on a walk during my lunch. This heron stood like that for 5 minutes. How do I know it was 5 minutes? I had enough time to marvel at it, fumble for at least 3 minutes finding my phone and then focusing and taking a million photos to get this shot. He didn’t move at all. I thought he was dead but about 2 minutes later he went fishing for some dinner.

So tell me, what was your favourite photo or memory of 2016? What was your favourite photo of mine?

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6 thoughts on “16 Favourite Photos From 2016

  1. Awwww. Sweet Rosie is so cute! I love your moving-reveal photo!! SO clever! That pic with your mom and sis is adorable! Your Toronto pic totally looks like Miami! Definitely a gorgeous shot!


    1. I know, I’m going to be a wreck when she dies. I hope she has a few more years in her so that I can have a few more visits. I’m glad I’m not the only one who loved Me Before You!


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