Treat Your Marriage Like It’s A Job

When The Mister does something nice for me, I ask him, “Why are you so sweet?”, his response since we’ve been married is, “It’s my job.” When this happens, I always seem to go quiet and think about all the ways marriage is basically a job.

Most people put their best effort in a job, but would you say the same thing for your marriage? Most people only have so much energy to go around, so after work, kids and extended family, what, if any energy do you give your marriage? Probably not a whole lot.

A simple change in outlook can really change the atmosphere of your marriage. Treat your marriage like it’s a job.

Here are some ways you can treat your marriage like it’s your job.

1. Schedule EVERYTHING.
If you’re like me you schedule your day at work according to what needs to get done the most urgently and so on, but what about your marriage? Do you schedule date nights? Sex? Cuddle time? Probably not, but I think it can help you feel like you have MORE time for everything when you have a schedule laid out and also to help you feel at ease because things aren’t getting neglected.

2. Tackle Problems Head-On.
How often do you shut your mouth because you don’t want to start a fight. Probably quite often if you’re at work, but you probably feel it’s okay to stay quiet about small issues, that always turn into big issues. This might not be everybody’s arguing style, but I think tackling problems before they become arguments is an easy way to keep harmony in the household. It works in the working world, it’ll work for your marriage.

3. Learn From Your Mistakes.
If you’ve ever missed a deadline at work and heard about it from a boss, you NEVER make that same mistake ever again, but can you say the same thing for your marriage? Maybe, it’s something as simple as not picking up your clothing off the floor(guilty as charged!), but it always keeps happening even though it may drive your spouse crazy but somehow you still keep doing it in your marriage. When you make a mistake, own up to it and do better next time.

4. Committment means everything.
In a job, showing commitment to your job gets your promotions. In a marriage, committment gets you a happy and healthy marriage.

Marriage, like a job requires a lot of work and effort. If you start to cut corners or start getting lazy it may result in your employer asking for a divorce, so to speak. Taking your marriage as seriously as you do your job is a good mindset to have to keep your marriage happy and healthy.

So tell me, how do you treat your marriage like it’s a job? Do you think this way or a different more romantic way? How do you make time for your marriage day-to-day?

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18 thoughts on “Treat Your Marriage Like It’s A Job

  1. I don’t necessarily look at marriage as a job, but that might be because I work for my husband… lol. I see our marriage as “the first thing.” As in, it’s the first thing that must be considered when 1) changing careers, 2) planning vacation, 3) making a big purchase… etc. That said, there are things from your list that would be really helpful to apply to any marriage, so I think it’s great how different people approach marriage!

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  2. This is a really good perspective! I don’t know that I think of our marriage like a job (because that has negative connotations for me), but I treat it with the same level of dedication that I would a job. We schedule date nights at least every other week and blocking it out on our calendars is a HUGE help.


  3. I love this advice so much! I never thought of relationships this way, but it’s so true. I’d never miss a meeting, but, believe me, work has come before date nights before! We’re not married but been together 9 years – I can so identify with all of these issues!


  4. Yes! I agree marriage should be treated like a job. And one of the things that helps us in our marriage is sharing calendars and scheduling everything. In my profession I’m a project manager and work closely with the technology team. I married a techy who quickly realized that I was project managing him and loved it. Im supportive, kind but can be stern just like in my profession when approaching a target date that we may miss.


  5. Love this! We are very intentional with our time together and schedule everything. We schedule a date night once a week, time in the morning together before we go to work, and currently because we’re so busy with day jobs that require overtime and blog by night, we schedule time together at night after dinner where we don’t talk about work and relax. Once that clock hits a certain time, that’s it! It’s time to cuddle 😀

    The other job-like way we treat our marriage is teamwork! Much like a job, we try to balance each other’s work load. If one of us is more busy than the other, the other takes on a little more of the busy one’s responsibilities around the house and on the blog.


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