2017 Date Night Bucket List

Ever since reading about Amberly’s Date Night Bucket List (like seriously, go read her blog will ya?), I’ve ALWAYS wanted to create one but I am not great at executing all the grand plans I always have so I’ve always shied away from them, but since I am trying to be more intentional in 2017, I’ve created a few things I’d like to do this year with The Mister. The Mister and I have been in Vancouver for 6 months now, but we haven’t really explored since we basically moved and were thrust into work so my goal this year is to go and do some exploring of Vancouver.

High Tea at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver
We’ve done high tea at Fur Elise Patisserie which was voted fourth best high tea in Vancouver but high tea at the Fairmont Hotel was voted #1!

Grouse Mountain Ziplining
I actually have NO idea if this will be possible. Usually you have to sign a waiver about not having a pre-existing heart condition or back problems, two things that I have, BUT their website doesn’t mention anything so if it’s possible, we’re going to make this happen this year! I’ve ALWAYS wanted to go ziplining and what better way to get the blood pumping together than a gorgeous zipline ride through the mountains.

Arm’s Reach Bistro
My brother and sister-in-law lived in Vancouver for 5 years and they said this was one of their favourite places to eat, luckily for us, they gifted us a gift certificate for Christmas! Arm’s Reach is an upscale bistro that we’re excited to indulge in a fantastic meal together.

Watch the Vancouver Canadians play baseball
The Vancouver Canadians are a Single A baseball team but baseball is baseball, so we’d love to watch them play. The tickets are cheap too, which is always a bonus!

Food Truck Crawl
Toronto never really had any amazing food trucks(cue the hate mail now) because of the laws that basically only allowed hot dog carts but Vancouver is VERY different and we are planning to take advantage of this, this year. Breakfast food, grilled cheese, tiny tacos, mac and cheese; these are just a few of the food trucks in Vancouver that we’re going to try!

The Acorn Restaurant
Everyone I’ve told that I’m gluten-free has said that I must try this vegetarian restaurant. We prefer to eat at vegetarian restaurants mostly because it removes the scary possibility of me having a shellfish reaction.

Vancouver Aquarium
The Mister and I have been to the Vancouver aquarium – we went with my mom and sister when they came to visit. But, we haven’t been by ourselves, luckily my parents got us a 1 year membership to the aquarium for Christmas so this will be an easy and fun date night for us!

Romer’s Burger Bar
When The Mister and I go out for food, you can bet it’s either for 1 of 3 things: tacos, fish and chips or BURGERS! We’re both huge burger fiends so when we moved here we did a Google search to find the best burger shop, Romer’s Burger Bar came up – luckily for me it also offers gluten-free buns so we can both indulge.

Snowshoeing on Grouse Mountain
When The Mister mentions he wants to do something more than once, you know he REALLY wants to do something, since usually he tries to be more subtle with the things he wants or wants to do. Snowshoeing, seems to be something he REALLY wants to do, and I always love any excuse to breathe in crisp winter air so we’ll hopefully be doing this VERY soon.

La Taqueria Pinche Taco Shop
I work ridiculously close to this shop, and I’ll admit I STILL haven’t been here. I’ve always been turned off by the LONG line for lunch, but again from all the Google searches I’ve done this is the BEST taco shop so we have to eat here. It’ll probably be for dinner or a Saturday lunch when I have more time and patience for long lines.

Bike Along The Sea Wall
The Mister spoiled me at Christmas by buying me a bike! I’m excited to get out and ride it and I’m sure we’ll be going on lots of bike rides. The Sea Wall is a popular biking spot that boasts gorgeous ocean views. It’ll be the most romantic(and possibly sweaty!) date night ever!

When looking for restaurants in Vancouver that The Mister and I would enjoy, I neglected to look for a fried chicken place because I assumed that Vancouver would be “too healthy” for fried chicken, thankfully I was wrong because I stumbled upon Juke fried chicken that we can’t wait to try! It’s a gluten-free batter and has great ratings. I have a feeling we won’t be waiting very long to complete this date night!

HR MacMillan Space Centre
Space doesn’t normally excite me but The Mister and I just happened to look up towards the sky on a clear autumn day in Vancouver and I was struck by how many stars I could see. It’s something I didn’t know I was missing. I realized I hadn’t seen the stars since we lived in Toronto and it was so AMAZING to have that experience again. I’ve become obsessed with looking up at the sky ever since.

There is LOTS to do here – movie presentations, star-gazing and different exhibits that teach you many different aspects of space.

Take the Skyride up Grouse Mountain
The Skyride is a gondola that goes up Grouse Mountain. It boasts the best views of Vancouver and the Pacific Ocean. This could also rival the biking along the Sea Wall for the most romantic date night!

Staycation at the Metropolitan Hotel or Fairmont Vancouver Hotel
The Mister and I booked a hotel in Toronto MANY years ago and it was SO much fun being able to pamper ourselves with room service and spa services. We did it again thanks to our friends gift for our first anniversary. This is something we want to do in Vancouver since we’ve always had a great experience in Toronto.

Grouse Mountain Wildlife Refuge
Grouse Mountain boasts TONS of activities but the one I’m most excited about is the Wildlife Refuge that has bears and owls that have been rescued but can’t be released back into the wild for various reasons. I love any time that I get to see animals up close so I’m sure this will be a lot of fun. We may be able to combine a few of these date night ideas into one epic date night.

So tell me, what’s on your date night bucket list? Have you done any of these things? Let me know!

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18 thoughts on “2017 Date Night Bucket List

    1. Thanks Steph! I am seriously stoked about the planetarium! I’ve been waiting for the perfect clear night so that we can also have a good viewing of the stars on their large telescopes.


  1. wow! this is quite a list, lots of fun looking things – and food of course. food is the best. my husband is the same – if he mentions something more than once i know he really wants to do it. i don’t really have a lot of date night ideas or bucket lists, we tend to go to breakfast or lunch and then a movie as our dates, so it might be nice to branch out a bit, but there isn’t a whole lot to do here. i’m sure if i looked i could find some things. good luck with all of this!


  2. Wow! These all sound like some awesome dates! Reading this, I just realized that I meant to put Columbus’s Food Truck Festival on my list. Oops!


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