Becoming More Intentional in 2017


In October, I start thinking about my ‘word of the year’. Last year, my word was ‘service’ that meant I worked hard to help friends, my family, my community and The Mister. I volunteered in the winter teaching children and adults with disabilities how to ski, I volunteered to help my aunt and uncle at any flower market they needed me at, we made meals for friends when they moved in or were sick, I gave money and food to the homeless. It was an awesome year that reminded me to think of others before myself. This year I’m changing gears, I’m thinking about myself again. I know, I know. But, trust me I need this. So, without further adieu, my word is INTENTIONAL. A huge thanks to Amberly, who wrote all about being intentional in her marriage in 2015.

While thinking about my ‘word of the year’ I typed in relationship goals and it’s the first thing that came up. To me, that’s a sign to do something, but I’m lazy and I like to take the easy way out, so I said to myself, “I can’t do that, it’s too hard. Think of something else.” I did think of lots of other words but they never felt right.

So what does intentional mean to me?


  • Be more consistent with date nights and plan more of them.
  • Continue serving each other in big and small ways.
  • Be intentional with my thoughts towards The Mister.
  • Have more intentional conversations with The Mister.
  • Continue to show gratitude to The Mister.
  • Be more intentional with our time together.


  • Continue making goals each month.
  • Have more intentional conversations with friends and coworkers.
  • Be more intentional with the way I spend my money.
  • Speak up about my appreciation for others.
  • Be intentional with exercise and what I put into my body.
  • Being more intentional with who I spend my time with.
  • Find time to write and read blogs.

So tell me, do you do a ‘word of the year’? If so, what it is? What about resolutions? Do you make any?

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12 thoughts on “Becoming More Intentional in 2017

  1. I’m switching things up a little this year and instead of choosing one word for the entire year I made a list of 52 words and am planning on choosing one per week to focus on. Even though I’m only half way through the first week of the year so far I really love the system! Intentional is a great word, lots of ways to incorporate it into all aspects of life!


  2. I think “intentional” is a great word. I’d have never thought of that, but it seems really applicable to a lot of people! I think it’ll be really healthy and beneficial to you! (And NO shame in focusing on yourself!! If you’re not doing well then you can’t do well for others!)


  3. Oh my goodness – only 3 weeks in & P & I are discovering how easy it is to just let intentional time together slip away. Our “date night” was lost because we were so invested with putting this tv stand together. Then last night we were too tired . . . etc. I love your goals both for you marriage & yourself. This will be a great year for you!


    1. Thanks, Christina! Life really does slip away quickly – glad you’re learning early on in your marriage so you can have an awesome foundation for a great marriage.


  4. Intentional is such a good word of the year. It can encompass every aspect of your life and it’s such a great way to live your life. I feel like intentionality helps you keep your life on track. Like your life has a purpose. You’re not just living on accident.


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