Monthly Goals

January 2017 Goals

Oh hey guys!

Happy New Year! I dropped the ball on December. Like, really. Anyways, it’s a new year and a new start so I’m all for getting back to blogging. Christmas was different but awesome. We spent Christmas morning at our apartment opening our presents to each other, then in the evening we went to a friend’s place where he made us a full Christmas dinner with all the trimmings. On the 26th and 27th were spent on the Sunshine Coast with our friends Braden and Jen, it was the most perfect weather.

On Wednesday, I’ll be unveiling my ‘Word of the Year’ for 2017. It’s a good one, even though, I protested with myself about it for the past two months. Also, I’ll be telling you all about the book challenge I’m participating in for 2017, so look out for that.

So without further ado, my goals:


  • Plan and execute 2 new-to-us date nights.
  • Have a technology-free evening once a week.
  • Indulge together at a few shops across Vancouver for the Hot Chocolate Festival.
  • Do a dreaded chore for The Mister.


  • Read 2 books for my book challenge.
  • Walk in nature at least 2x a week.


  • Go skiing at least once.
  • Do pilates 2x a week.
  • Drink green tea at least 3x a week.


  • Finish my family photo wall.
  • Organize the Christmas stuff in our storage.
  • Organize new bookshelf.

Random Acts of Kindness

  • Bring treats in for coworkers.
  • Leave a positive note on a coworkers desk.

So tell me, what are your goals for January? Do you set goals for yourself each month? If so, do you find it helps keep you progressing? Did you make any New Years resolutions?

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12 thoughts on “January 2017 Goals

  1. Leaving a note on a coworker’s desk is such a sweet idea! I’m going to borrow that idea and send someone an encouraging note 🙂 Also, pleeease share the date night ideas! We’re always looking for new ideas of what to do!


  2. I love your goal of having a tech free night every week. I try to do one weekend a month but I think one evening a week might be better because 1) its less time without the phone so I wouldn’t get so far behind on everything and 2) it’s more often so I think it would be more beneficial. I may be borrowing this idea! I also love that you have a random acts of kindness section. So cool!


  3. we have a rule on our date nights – no phones unless it’s to take a picture of us but that’s it! i hate it when i see people out together and they’re both on their phones not talking or one of them is on the phone and the other is just sitting there. RUDE!


    1. We have the same rule. When we were dating we used to say, first one to pick up their phone pays for the date, it was a great way for me especially not to pick up my phone!


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