Awkward and Awesome: Life Lately

Seeing lots of awesome people on the weekends and working hard during the week, that basically sums up my November but I’m here again with another edition of Awkward & Awesome!

– We went to Granville Island on Saturday and had the aqua bus to ourselves. For the ten minute ride we pretended to be super rich and not only did we own a boat but we had a driver for the boat.
– Snow on the mountains!
– LOTS of visitors. First it was my mom and sister and then it was our friends Braden and Jen! This past weekend was SO quiet compared to the first two of November.
– We have started decorating for Christmas AND we’ve even listened to Christmas music. Let the season begin!
– Next weekend is Gilmore Girls. FINALLY!
– Also next weekend is going to be insanely busy but in the best possible ways because we’re celebrating what our friends call ‘Little Christmas’ where we get together, eat good food, listen to Christmas music and watch our favourite Christmas movies. It’s like the ‘Official start of the Christmas season’ within our friend group.
– We’ve got a big enough place this year to have a real full-sized Christmas tree and I can hardly wait to decorate it!

– I haven’t even looked at my November goals. Oops.
– Almost hitting your boss in the face with a door while getting into work.
– Trying to find gifts that are either small in weight or size.
– I can’t seem to find ANY time to write or read blogs. Seriously, it sucks!
– Realizing you have an addiction to your last name. While hanging our Christmas monogram, I realized we have 4 M’s hanging in our house.
– Your computer completely restarting as your typing this and you don’t know if the entire post was eaten up by the internet and while your computer is rebooting you’re irrationally mad only to find out nothing was lost.

So tell me, what’s been awkward and awesome lately about your life?

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16 thoughts on “Awkward and Awesome: Life Lately

  1. Awkward: In a major blogging slump here. I want to write, but then I forget because something else distracts me. I have about 20 books I need to blog about and I just can’t seem to get myself excited to write anything. 😦

    Awesome: I have a feeling that I’ll be done my Christmas shopping early this year. Everything seems to be falling into place. I just need to get to a post office in the next couple weeks to make sure everyone gets their stuff on time.


  2. Awesome: having 4 full days this week to get my Etsy shop ready for the big launch next week.
    Awkward: having dreams about said shop…maybe it’s time to start reading a book before bed.


  3. I have a few presents that need to be mailed and it’s always a struggle to buy something that is suitable but won’t cost an arm and leg to mail. This year I opted for personalized bracelets but I love them so much (and know that the recipients will too) that I’m nervous to put them in the hands of Canada Post!


  4. I feel like that last one is both awkward AND awesome. Haha! Funny that you, me, and Charlene all have “M” last names! Ha! I think we have two things in our house- a little “M” for the mantel and a springtime wreath with an “M” on it. That’s it. We tend to have more “A&K” things!


    1. I love that you still do the monogram thing! Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one who’s obsessed with their name and then I feel like a raging narcissist, only to find out tons of people do the same.


  5. I hear ya on not having much time to read or write blogs. I am in the same boat. I am trying to hard to get the house in order for our first big family Thanksgiving as a married couple. I feel like I still have so much to do! Also I feel like Gilmore Girls will be my reward for it all, as it comes on the next day. All the hard work will be worth it for my couch, fuzzy slippers. a cup of coffee, and Gilmore Girls! Eeeek!


  6. I convinced my husband to turn on Christmas music on a long drive last weekend, which was an accomplishment. Usually he is very firmly no Christmas music before Thanksgiving, lol. Looking forward to Gilmore Girls as well, but haven’t made it through binge watching all the seasons yet so might have to wait on that.


  7. I love your story of pretending to be super rich and owning a whole boat. haha! We’ve totally done that ‘pretending’ thing while walking through crazy expensive department stores and talking to each other like we could actually buy stuff there. 😛
    I hate it when my computer restarts without my permission!


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