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Macleod’s Books

Close your eyes. Picture your ideal used bookstore. If you’re like me, you’re picturing a bookstore that smells of old books and there are books on the bookshelf as well as in every nook and cranny, stacked to the ceiling and the books are old editions, that you’ve never seen in your lifetime. I’ve just described my ideal used bookstore and I can honestly say that exact description is what Macleod’s Books is.

It’s the most unassuming bookstore from the outside but when you look closer you can see the stacks of books even from the outside.

The Mister and I spent a good hour perusing on Saturday. It was our second visit there, the first time we went in we were going somewhere else so we didn’t spend nearly as much time checking out all they had. They don’t allow photographs so I had to be stealthy to get a couple.



The Mister found a beautiful version of The Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.

And I found an illustrated hardcover version of The Magicians Nephew.

They have every genre you can imagine and most of them are VERY old versions of books. I have a “thing” for old children’s books and I could’ve easily spent my entire pay cheque there!

Macleod’s books is a literal gem in the heart of Vancouver. I already have plans to go back there without The Mister so that I can really spend LOTS of time perusing the hidden gems at Macleod’s.

So tell me, have you ever been to a used bookstore like Macleod’s? Do you have one in your city or town? Tell me about it!

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14 thoughts on “Macleod’s Books

  1. That place looks perfect!!! It reminds me of a used book store in a beach town in Massachusetts (where I went to college)…dreamy!!


  2. I’m giggle about the Canadian spelling of cheque.That’s odd to me… Ha.
    I love that you took sneaky pictures! Funny that they don’t allow it.. I have a book store that’s very similar right around the corner from where I work! I wander in every now and then and find books for a GREAT price!


    1. I wrote it the first time the American way because I’m always SO conscious of how Canadian I am, and then so pfft, I’m doing it anway because it was driving me crazy spelled the American way. Isn’t it awesome to have a great used bookstore nearby?


  3. I’ve been to a similar bookshop in Kansas City once. It was awesome! I feel like reading and buying physical books is a dying art, which is SO sad, so I love seeing little shops like this still in operation!


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