My Mom And Sister Come To Vancouver

Last Thursday my mom and sister came to visit from Toronto! They were here only for a short visit – Thursday evening to Sunday afternoon.

On Thursday evening after work I came home to my mom and sister having just made it to our apartment. They flew in with a family friend who’s daughter also lives in Vancouver. After putting their bags away we went directly to dinner. That’s where Thursday ends because I’m literally the worst blogger because A) I can’t remember what the restaurants called and B) I didn’t take any photos.

Friday, The Mister and I had to work so my mom and sister went exploring Vancouver including Granville Island. Friday night, we met up with our family friend and her daughter and went for dinner again.

Saturday, it was a “typical Vancouver day” but we threw our rain coats and boots on and went exploring despite the weather. Our first stop was the Vancouver Aquarium. The aquarium is known for taking in injured and non-releasable animals. It was a great time seeing the otters, dolphins, penguins and sea lions up close.

South African penguins waiting for feeding,
This sea lion was being really vocal thanks to the marine keepers having fish nearby.
A dolphin waiting for food.
These otters were seriously adorable and were really fun, playing around.

After the aquarium, we headed to the totem poles in Stanley Park that are replicas of totem poles that had been there for MANY years created by the First Nations people of Vancouver.

The gorgeous totem poles created by the First Nations people.
The Mister was wonderful on this trip. He took our pictures, held things for us, and pretty much just let us have some time together.

After the totem poles we walked along part of the Sea Wall.

Can you see the lighthouse in the distance?

After walking part of the Sea Wall we decided to check out Granville Island. My mom and sister had been there the previous day but wanted to go back because they liked it so much. Granville Island is a huge market that has lots of little stores and restaurants that are very quaint. It reminded me a lot of a bigger and better St. Lawrence Market in Toronto. Unfortunately, my phone decided to stop working here so the photos stopped for the day. The Mister and I both agreed we’d be back soon because we loved how awesome all the little vendors were at Granville Island.

This is the last photo I took with my phone for the day. We took this little boat to Granville Island. How cute is it?

After Granville Island, we went home and The Mister made us chili and we watched The Crown on Netflix.

Sunday, we met up with the family friend and her daughter for brunch at Cora’s and then came back to my apartment and then they were off for the airport back to Toronto.

So tell me, have you been to Vancouver? What should I show my family the next time they visit? Do you have a large independent market in your town or city? Tell me about it!

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6 thoughts on “My Mom And Sister Come To Vancouver

  1. This sounds like a fun, relaxing trip for your mom and sister! It’s so fun that you’re in a new city in a new part of the country where you all can explore together! It’s nice they came together so they could wander around while you guys worked, too!


    1. It really was a great weekend! My sister decided she’d come back by herself so that we could do some fun things that we knew my mom wouldn’t want to do like hiking so I’m excited to see her again.


  2. I’ve never been to the west coast but visiting every province & territory is on my bucket list so someday I’ll make it there! I’d love to visit the Vancouver Aquarium and my dream trip to BC would have to include Haida Gwaii!


  3. i adore the totem poles in stanley park – canada does such a your job recognizing and appreciating first nations in the USA does. ravery constantly tries to convince me that we need otters! so glad your mom and sister got to tell me that you, family visits are the best!


    1. I think British Columbia does an awesome job of appreciating the First Nations cultures. Definitely, better than any province or state I’ve ever seen. I was really impressed with that too. I’m with Ravery, you definitely need otters!


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