Date Night Ideas For Every Budget


We know date nights after marriage are important, even vital but what happens when you’re trying to save for a house or maybe you have a new baby and all your money is going to caring for them? It isn’t an excuse not to have date night just because you can’t afford it. You can always afford it, it’s just a matter of figuring out what you can afford and making it happen.

Here’s some date night ideas for every budget:

$10 Date Night
1. Hit a nature trail – Walk a nearby nature trail and go for hot chocolate in the fall/winter or iced tea in the spring/summer.
2. Night time Picnic in the Park – Pack a blanket, some wine, cheese and crackers and enjoy the stars.
3. Skating & Hot Drinks – Dig out your skates and enjoy some exercise together. After your skate, go out for coffee or hot chocolate.
4. Open House – Find some local open houses and peruse some houses in your neighbourhood or city.
5. Movie at Home – Rent a movie on Itunes and pop some popcorn and pour some drinks.
6. Dessert for Dinner – Go to a restaurant for your favourite dessert. Share it and you can splurge on coffees/teas.
7. Culture Night – Go to a museum or art gallery, most places have a free night.
8. Board Game Night – Board game cafes or comic book stores usually have cheap admission(or free!).
9. Movie in the Park – Grab lawn chairs and blankets and enjoy a movie with your neighbours.
10. Flower Power – Go to your local botanical garden and enjoy the greenery.

$25 Date Night
1. Retro Night – Go to an arcade and play some air hockey or DDR.
2. Matinee Movie – See the latest movie for cheaper than normal and enjoy a shared popcorn and a drink.
3. Laser Focus – Have a fun night of laser tag with another couple or a whole group.
4. Brunching it Up – Go to your favourite brunch place and indulge in the best meal of the day.
5. Improv – See a local improv show and enjoy a couple of drinks.
6. Country Fun – Check out your local country bar and have some fun line dancing.
7. Sing Your Heart Out – Go out to a local karaoke bar and sing your heart out.
8. Painting Pottery – Paint a piece of pottery and take it home and display it.
9. Local Reading – Check out a local reading of a favourite author. After the reading, enjoy drinks and discuss the book.
10. Canoe for Two – Rent a canoe and head out on the lake or ocean and enjoy the company.

$50 Date Night
1. Food Truck Forage – Find all the awesome food trucks in your town and eat until your stuffed.
2. Retro Bowling – Play a round or two of bowling and have milkshakes after to keep the retro feel going.
3. Mini Putt Matinee – Play a round of mini-putt and go for lunch after.
4. Haunted Happenings – Go on a local walking ghost tour. Enjoy a drink before or after.
5. Get Handsy – Take a lesson at a local pottery studio.
6. Hot & Heavy – Check out a local burlesque show.
7. Foodie Finds – Check out a local food festival and get stuffed with good food.
8. Snowshoe & Hot Drinks – Rent a pair of snowshoes and enjoy some nature. Grab a hot beverage of choice to warm up afterwards.
9. Rock Out – Rent some gear, take a lesson and scale some walls.
10. Local Theatre – Take in a musical or play at your local theatre.

$100 Date Night
1. Sports Spectacular – Go to a professional sports game and cheer on your favourite local team.
2. Fair Fun – Go to a local fair or amusement park and enjoy the rides and food.
3. Get Tipsy – Go wine or beer tasting at a local vineyard or brewery, take a cab home so you can both enjoy.
4. Blind Date – Spend your date in the dark and experience a whole new dining experience.
5. Symphony Sensation – Get dressed up and enjoy the symphony.
6. Find Dori – Check out your local aquarium and have dinner out before or afterwards.
7. Dancing Queens – Take a local dance class together.
8. Play Tourist – Check out your local tourist locations.
9. Pampering Pedicures – Go to a spa and get pedicures and manicures. Take the time to relax and enjoy the conversation.
10. Mix it Up – Find a local mixology class and learn some new drink recipes and get a bit tipsy.

No matter the budget, no matter the time, making an investment in date nights is an investment in your marriage.

So tell me, what are your favourite date nights? Do you ever splurge on date nights?

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20 thoughts on “Date Night Ideas For Every Budget

  1. We are always trying to make an effort to go on more dates since having Caleb. It’s tough so a lot of times we will have lunch all 3 of us or just watch a movie and have pizza after his bedtime. I’m all about the cheap dates with an occasional splurge. 🙂


    1. I’m glad you’re still making an effort, even if with a kid! It’s always so admirable to see that since I feel like it’s hard to make it work and we don’t even have kids! I love that you include Caleb on your date nights too!


  2. Great post! Love all of the ideas!! Our date nights normally involve take out and a movie at home or a nice restaurant downtown together! Food seems to be the common theme 🙂 I definitely agree on the importance of date nights & spending quality time together!


    1. We usually do dinner and a movie or just dinner too, which is why I thought I would actually think about some other date nights so that when we get too we can do something else other than that.


  3. I’m ALL ABOUT DATE NIGHT IDEAS. We do something fun (sometimes free!) every Friday night and I neverrrrrr have a single creative idea. So, I’m bookmarking this!


    1. That’s awesome, Julie! I’m impressed how frequently you go out for date night. We usually fall back on our old standby of dinner and a movie but having ideas helps us get a bit more creative.


    1. I’m glad you’re thinking about “out of the house” dates! I’m sure it’ll be hard still for the next little while to leave the baby, but it’ll be good for you! Glad to see your slowly getting back to the blogging world, I’ve missed you!


  4. One of my favorite dates we ever did was volunteering at an animal shelter together. Not only was it fun to bond over the puppies, but it was so wonderful to see my husband totally in his element (as he is a HUGE animal lover!). I think that just as important as keeping the romance and friendship strong in a marriage, date nights should also serve to show us the many sides of our partner, since we often get into ruts and just end up seeing the side that’s out the most (like the “parent” side, or the “home right after work” side). The dates I’ve loved the most are the ones that remind me that I married a man with many and varied interests, who can be adventurous AND sensitive AND funny AND smart (and sometimes it takes the right kind of date night to bring out one of those sides).

    Great list! It’s always nice to get a fresh perspective with new ideas.


    1. I love your perspective on why date nights are important! I never thought of it that way but you’re right it’s so important to see different sides of your spouse! It’s awesome you’ve seen that in your husband on date nights.


    1. I’m so glad you had your first date night as a married couple. Trust me, they are vital so hopefully you’ll keep doing them!

      One of our favourite date nights is the movies. It’s easy and has a lot of nodtalgic magic for us.


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