10 Awesome Dinner-and-a-Movie Pairings

Even though The Mister and I are HUGE fans of the movie theatres, we’ve been enjoying just sitting on our couch, eating dinner together and watching a movie. It’s been a really nice time that’s hitting our love languages, his need to watch movies and our needs to save as much money without sacrificing fun!

I’m a HUGE fan of themes so I’m always looking for fun ways to incorporate a theme into everything we do – date nights are NO exception.

If you’re stuck inside because of bad weather or a new baby or maybe you just want to save some money on your next date night, you will have to give these dinner-and-a-movie pairings a try! Whip them up before the movie and enjoy or watch the movie and make dinner together, it’s up to you!

These are some of our favourite movies to watch together(okay, okay, Pitch Perfect is more of a movie I like that he likes to put on to get brownie points every so often because he knows I love it!)

1. Brooklyn – Irish Stew and Irish Soda Bread
Why I Picked It: There’s a pretty gross scene in the movie where Aislis eats mutton stew on the boat as she crosses the Atlantic ocean, that’s all I’ll say about that. This pairing is the perfect way to get you into feeling a wee bit Irish.
Recipe Idea: Irish Stew and Irish Soda Bread

2. Whiplash – Buttered Popcorn with Peanut M&M’s with Coca-Cola
Why I Picked It: Miles Teller’s character goes to the movie theatre with his dad and this is what he’s eating. When we saw the movie for the first time, The Mister and I looked at each other and basically said, “Why haven’t we been doing this?!” and since then we’ve been doing this with any popcorn we have whether it’s in theatres or at home.

3. Love Actually – Banoffee Pie and Hot Chocolate
Why I Picked It: There’s a scene in Love Actually that has Banoffee Pie, when I first saw the movie I had NO idea what it was but a bit of Googling came out with the most delicious looking pie ever, and I HATE pie, so that’s saying a LOT! Pairing it with hot chocolate is a great way to add more sugar, because, sugar.
Recipe Idea: Banoffee Pie 

4. Home Alone – Cheese Pizza, Coca-Cola and DIY Ice Cream Sundaes
Why I Picked It: With Christmas around the corner, this is a great way to watch an iconic movie and to feel like Macauley Caulkin all ‘home alone’. One of the first things Macauley Caulkin does when he realizes that he’s home alone is order a cheese pizza, drink copious amounts of pop and makes a HUGE bowl of ice cream. Christmas is a time to gorge yourself so go all out!

5. It’s Complicated – Croque Monsieurs and Chocolate Croissants
Why I Picked It: This movie is a foodies dream. There’s LOTS of awesome food to choose from but I picked my favourite food from the movie.
Recipe Idea: Croque Monsieurs

6. Matilda – Milk and Chocolate Cake
Why I Picked It: There is an awesome scene where the kids help cheer on a kid who is forced to eat an entire chocolate cake with only milk to wash it down. You can have food before watching the movie but honestly, sometimes dessert for dinner is awesome!

7. Bridesmaids – Brazillian Barbeque
Why I Picked It: There’s a scene where the bridesmaids and the bride go to a Brazillian barbeque restaurant and then food poisoning hits right as the bride and bridesmaids are trying on fancy dresses. It’s a hilarious scene that hopefully with you making your own Brazillian barbeque, IT won’t happen.

8. The Royal Tenenbaums – Cheeseburger and Coca-Cola
Why I Picked It: Again, this movie has a scene where a main character is in a hospital eating a cheeseburger. Coca Cola is just an awesome addition when eating a cheeseburger.

9. Pitch Perfect – Soft Tacos and Diet Pepsi
Why I Picked It: This movie doesn’t really have any food in the movie, but I was thinking back to my typical diet as a college student. Every Tuesday at Taco Bell was Taco Tuesdays so we’d eat there every Tuesday after my best friend would get off work at 10pm. Choose whatever you used to eat when you were in college!

10. Fantastic Mr. Fox – Roasted Chicken and Cheese Sandwiches with Apple Cider
Why I Picked It: This movie is a foodies dream, which makes it hard to narrow down what you want to make but a huge theme in the movie is apple cider and chicken so this pairing is great. Bonus points because it’s a great meal with the awesome autumn weather.

So tell me, what are your favourite dinner-and-movie pairings? What’s your favourite movie? Do you do anything like this when ou have an at-home date night?


14 thoughts on “10 Awesome Dinner-and-a-Movie Pairings

  1. I love these! Except the bridesmaids one. lol I hated that scene and there’s no way I’m eating the same thing they did to cause that scene while I’m watching it. haha


  2. I especially like the “Home Alone” pairings! I haven’t seen “Love Actually” yet, but it’s on my list because I like Alan Rickman, may he rest in peace.


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