Awkward and Awesome: October Edition


I had every intention of showing you how awesome our first Friendsgiving was in our new apartment but alas I was having too much fun and didn’t take ANY photos so I thought I’d do another edition of Awk+Awe!

– I haven’t started any exercising….but, I have started doing my physio exercises for my hips so…win?
– My allergies are still here with a vengeance. If I’m not blowing my nose every 5 minutes, I’m coughing to death because my throat feels so tight.
– Other than Boston Pizza we haven’t gone on any other date nights. We are planning to go see The Girl on the Train hopefully sometime this week so that’s one.
– Even though we’ve really wanted to go for a hike we haven’t been able to.

– We celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary at Boston Pizza AND the Blue Jays won the wild card game!
– The Toronto Blue Jays then went on to sweep the Texas Rangers at home on Sunday.
– We celebrated Thanksgiving on Sunday with friends at our place. It was great!
– I’ve started reading a book, that so far is great! I plan on writing about it later this month.
– I’m seeing progress in other goals so I’m pretty happy about that.
– We’ve managed to do really well not getting take-out. We’ve been enjoying cooking dinner and sitting in the comfort of our own home.
– I FINALLY finished the A-Z of a Happy Marriage posts.
– My dad now knows how to Facetime which means I’ve Facetimed with the family LOTS and have gotten some baby kisses from my niece, which has always made my day.

So tell me, what’s awkward and awesome about your October so far?


12 thoughts on “Awkward and Awesome: October Edition

  1. Congratulations on the A to Z wedding posts! I was just thinking about how that was such a project for you! That’s awesome that you’ve finished that!
    My sinuses are going nuts, too. I think I finally have it under control for the most part but they totally knocked me off my yoga game and put me down for the count for a week and a half. Ugh!


    1. That sucks you’re going through allergies too! I didn’t think my allergies were bad in Toronto but here it’s just insane. I have to find something that works for me because neti pot and nose strips aren’t doing it for me.


  2. Ugh, allergies are the worst!!! I find that when I cook from home, we save money and I eat healthier and when we finally do go out somewhere I have more appreciation for it.


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