Food Memories


Our senses, have the power to transport you back in time. Memories can be triggered by the simplest things: a familiar smell, a painting or a slight touch.

Each of our senses has that ability, so imagine the enormous power of food, which often involves all our senses. It’s no wonder we often remember entire meals and associate certain dishes with family and friends. Food is also one way we show someone that they matter to us, and getting together with friends and family typically involves food.

I have a few food memories from various times in my childhood. Every Easter along with my extended family, would go to my grandparent’s house for a family dinner with all the trimmings: Ham, potatoes, soup, broccoli with a cheese sauce and dessert. For some reason though, with ALL that amazing food it’s the smell of steamed broccoli that has the power to transport me to those amazing times playing with my cousins and having fun with my extended family.

My second food memory comes from my first job in high school. I worked at a gourmet food shop owned by my aunt. My job was dishwasher, and front counter a few days a week I would walk downtown to the store after school and even before I walked in the door the smell of smoked salmon would hit my nostrils. Once I walked in the door though, it was always a fun time thanks to working with my family!

My third food memory uses not just my sense of smell but also my sight. Once the temperatures got cold my mom would bring out her bread machine. When that came out, I knew I would be waking up to the amazing smell of fresh bread in the morning and being able to have a slice of toast with the fresh bread she made before school.

It’s easy to forget the power of food and our senses. We’ve all had our share of special meals or even just certain food items that bring back memories.

So tell me, what are some food memories you have? Is it a specific food or is it an entire meal? Do you have any bad food memories?


4 thoughts on “Food Memories

  1. I love that you have memories of freshly baked bread! That just seems so cozy and seasonal. I love it! Up until I started drinking it, coffee always reminded me of my dad 🙂 But now we both drink it.


  2. My mom used to make a chicken noodle soup/gravy with homemade noodles that she would put over mashed potatoes as the ultimate comfort food. Nothing mends a broken heart like carbs!


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