6 Awesome Book to Movie Adaptations


I’m a bookworm so when a movie comes out based off a book that I liked I’m always curious to see how the movie adaptation does. Sometimes they are big flops but I’ve also seen a TON of awesome book to movie adaptations.

I’ve recently finished The Girl on the Train and I’m stoked to see how true to the book the movie does.

Instead of telling you exactly what the book/movie is about I’m just going to tell you why I liked both the book and movie. Oh! And there won’t be any spoilers so don’t worry. How does that sound? Good, because that’s what I’m going to do.

Here are 6 of my favourite book to movie adaptations:

Along Came A Spider
This book remains one of my favourite mystery books of all time. It has a lot of suspense and great characters. The movie features Morgan Freeman(it’s the exact person I picture when I think of the character Alex Cross) and Monica Potter. I absolutely LOVE that it’s pretty true to the book and that the actors are exactly who I pictured in my head. I LOVE when that happens.

Me Before You
You may remember, that I loved this book. Like LOVED. The movie version was also AWESOME! Oh sure, it has it flaws like not using a quadriplegic actor instead opting for Sam Claflin, an able-bodied actor but it’s just a really great movie adaptation. I reckon it’s because Jojo Moyes who wrote the book also wrote the screenplay for the movie so the integrity of the book is intact.

I told you about some of the differences between the book and the movie. This is the only adaptation that I saw the movie before reading the book so I’m sure that may sway my opinion but I think I liked the movie more than the book. The characters were a bit flat even with the emotion being in the book but the movie makes the characters come to life, I feel.

The Lincoln Lawyer
In the movie they take a big part of the book out, but I can tell you that it doesn’t affect the movie. It’s great. Oh sure, maybe it’s because Matthew McConaughey and Ryan Phillippe were/are my earliest celebrity crushes. It’s also because when I was reading the book, the main character I was picturing Matthew McConaughey.

Where The Heart Is
When I picked this off my mom’s bookshelf I assumed I’d hate the book but this seriously a heartwarming book. Much to my surprise YEARS later I discovered this was a movie starring Natalie Portman, Ashley Judd and James Frain. The movie version if I remember is slightly different from the book but the integrity and heart are still there. Both book and movie are seriously SO heartwarming. Not enough people have read or seen this movie, I feel.

Kiss The Girls
Morgan Freeman is back playing the character of Alex Cross in the second book by James Patterson featuring the character Alex Cross. The book and movie are very creepy. It’s one of those books that even though you think it could never happen in real life, I swear I’ve heard similar things happen in real life now. Seriously, it’s so scary. The movie doesn’t make it any less creepy. It’s definitely one of those stories you have to watch with the lights on.

So tell me, what are you favourite book to movie adaptations? Are you excited about any movies coming out that originally were books?


10 thoughts on “6 Awesome Book to Movie Adaptations

  1. I don’t think I’ve read any of these books (or seen the movies)! Maybe ‘Along Came A Spider’, but I’m not sure… They sound great, though! I’m glad the movies weren’t let downs!


  2. I loved the movie adaptation of Me Before You SO MUCH! I think they did an amazing job and stayed true to the book.

    Other movie adaptations of books that I love: The Notebook and A Walk to Remember and also… Fifty Shades of Grey. Shame, shame, I know but I loved that movie.


  3. I’ve actually not seen any of the movie adaptations of these although I just finished Me Before You and read Where the Heart Is ages ago. Maybe I’ll see if Netflix has that second one coming out soon 🙂 To be honest, I’ve been afraid of seeing Me Before You. For some reason, sad books are a lot easier for me to handle than sad movies, so I’ve been way hesitant to go see that one.


    1. You definitely need to see Me Before You movie version, don’t let the sad parts deter you from the movie! I think the chemistry of Emilia and Sam was great, which is a good and bad thing since I feel like it made the ending even more sad. Where the Heart Is a fantastic feel good movie.


  4. I think next year I might let myself jump back into the Alex Cross books. I read several James Patterson novels (not in any order at all) in high school, but none since maaaaybe college. I haven’t seen any of the movies, which is a shame since I love Morgan Freeman!

    Also I keep hearing good things about The Girl on the Train.


    1. The Alex Cross books started to get a bit meh for me, but there are still a TON that are awesome, it’s one of the first mystery series that I really got into in high school. The Girl on the Train wasn’t a life-changing book but it was still a pretty good solid read, if you want to see the movie I’d read the book first.


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