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You Time


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I’m a huge proponent of self-care. Self-care gives me the pep I need I need to give more to my husband and marriage. I don’t always do the same things for self-care because it’s important to care for all aspects of myself – body, mind and emotional.

Taking good care of you, means the people in your life will receive the best of you, rather than what’s left of you. – Carl Bryan

Taking good care of yourself is always in the best interest of your marriage because you can’t give what you don’t have or you may feel resentful of your spouse. Excellent self-care, then, requires finding a healthy balance between giving and receiving. Personal care should involve a variety of activities to nurture your physical and emotional well-being.

Here are some ideas to care for your entire being:

Mental self-care could include: reading, puzzles or stimulating conversations.

Physical self-care could include: exercising, healthy eating and getting enough sleep.

Emotional self-care could include: laughing with friends, meditation, positive self-thinking

Couples often avoid personal care because they think it is being selfish. In fact, the opposite is true. The fuller you are, the more you have to give to your marriage and spouse.

So tell me, how do you take care of yourself mind, body and emotional? Do you do a variety of self-care activities or do you tend to do the same things?


6 thoughts on “You Time

  1. Totally agree! Self care is really important. When my son was first born, I was giving all of my energy to him. He needed it and I don’t feel bad, but it was hard to give anything to myself or my husband. Now that he is a bit older, I take care of myself better and make time for me. It makes me a better wife and mother.


    1. Thanks for sharing, Steph! I’m sure with a new baby it makes it almost impossible to give to yourself but I’m glad you’ve found the time because I’m sure it improved your relationships with both your son and husband!


  2. As an introvert (or maybe just as a human?) I require me-time quite often. Usually I’m OK with K being around while I read or do puzzles or drink wine and paint my nails, but sometimes I escape to my office and hang out by myself, too 🙂 He doesn’t really need as much me-time and, when he does, he typically spends it on the couch watching TV. I’m glad only one of us is me-time-high-maintenance 🙂


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