A New Marriage Tradition

Even though we both know it’s important to establish marriage traditions, we haven’t done anything too specific or too regularly to actually call something a marriage tradition other than Grinch and Grilled Cheese. That is, until now. Any guesses from the photo? That’s right, we’ve been drinking tea together. Specifically, we’ve been watching television together (currently The Great British Bake Off) and drinking tea and eating cookies after dinner. Two things The Mister LOVES but we’ve never really done together on a regular basis because until recently I’ve hated tea. The smell was awful and every time I drank it, it tasted like dirt. But taste buds change because I am now LOVING tea. I’m not into anything fancy, mostly green tea with lemon and honey or an English breakfast tea with milk and sugar.

Secondly, until we moved into our current apartment in Vancouver, our living room was never big enough to hold a couch. We’ve always had a loveseat and contrary to the name, it’s not great for love because it’s not great for anyone over 5’0 so The Mister HATED sitting on the loveseat. We now have a couch that can fit BOTH of us!

Lastly, we find it REALLY hard to agree on television shows. I like mysteries, true crime shows, the more morbid, the better, I say. I have no idea what he qualifies as good television because it seems like it’s ALWAYS changing but as of today we can both agree on a few shows: Great British Bake Off, Shetland, Midsomer Murders.

Why is it important to establish traditions in your marriage?

1. Strengthens your bond.
Traditions provide a chance for face-to-face interaction, help family members know and trust each other and creates a bond that comes from the feeling of being a part of something special.

2. Adds a rhythm to your life.
The natural rhythm of the days and the seasons are embedded deep within us, but with modern conveniences it’s easy to forget that fact. Traditions, keep you focused on the day or the season instead of dwelling about the past or future.

3. Offers a sense of security.
If you’re both fully engaged in each other and in traditions you two have, it’s easy to feel secure in your relationship.

4. Creates lasting memories.
This one is probably a pretty obvious one, but creating memories that you can look back on and laugh or smile about keeps you grounded in the feeling of being accepted and loved and creates a lasting bond.

We are looking forward to MANY years sitting on this couch, sipping tea. And when the time comes, we’ll show our kids this tradition we’ve started because it’s important to establish family traditions.

So tell me, what are some of your marriage and family traditions that you have? Do you have different traditions that you do on a daily, monthly or yearly basis?


10 thoughts on “A New Marriage Tradition

  1. Aww what a great tradition! We watch TV together a lot but we don’t have a specific tradition attached to it. I may have to try to introduce one.


  2. This is a cute little tradition. I don’t know that we have any daily traditions but we have habits that we’ve formed. K will sit on the stairs and talk to my while I do laundry or he’ll sit on the (closed) toilet and and talk to me while I do my make-up. We also ONLY watch certain shows together- like The Mindy Project or The West Wing.


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