10 Little Things You Can Do To Make Your Marriage Happier

10 Little Things You Can Do To Make Your Marriage Happier - Just Murrayed
Happy Tuesday!

Now that August is here, the countdown to my 30th birthday has begun! Starting a new decade has me thinking about ways to make EVERY part of my life happier and successful but this is a marriage blog so I thought I’d focus on ways to make your marriage happier! Obviously, these things can help ANY relationship you have whether it’s with your family, friends or spouse.

  1. Express gratitude
  2. Remember the little everyday things – like meetings
  3. Prioritize your partner
  4. Work on yourself
  5. Laugh more together
  6. Acknowledge the positive
  7. Thoughtful gestures
  8. Foster friendships outside your marriage
  9. Don’t criticize in public.
  10. Spend time thinking about happy times in your relationship

My parents’ marriage taught me that it isn’t the grand gestures but the little things—and taking these simple steps over time will yield bigger, happier results.

So tell me, what are some things YOU do that make your marriage happier?


10 thoughts on “10 Little Things You Can Do To Make Your Marriage Happier

  1. I think remembering the little things- like your partner’s schedule or food aversions- and not criticizing them in public is really important 🙂 I’m good at that first one, but I’ve had to work on the second one!

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  2. yay happy birthday month! woohoo!

    expressing gratitude is SUCH a huge one. it’s amazing how far that can go when you acknowledge and express that. we also have set relationship goals together so we are working on things as a team and that helps our marriage!


    1. Gratitude has been huge for our relationship! I love that you set relationship goals, Chelsea! Do you do it monthly? Quarterly? We do it quarterly but I’ve seen it done every month but I feel like monthly doesn’t actually change anything permanently so we slide back into old habits.


  3. Aww I love this! Such a fun little list of wonderful things to do in marriage! I was going to try to pick one or two and say something like “I especially love number ##” but I couldn’t pick any. They’re all perfect!

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  4. I must say that showing gratitude is big in my marriage. I may fuss about some things, but I am always very appreciative of the things my husband does for this family. Work on yourself is another big one. I must remember to that daily. Loved the list.


    1. Thanks! You’re so right, showing gratitude has been instrumental in keeping us both happy and satisfied in our relationship and really it’s SO simple to do.


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