Alphabet Date Nights

Alphabet Date Nights - Just Murrayed
If you’ve had enough of your typical date night of dinner and a movie or maybe you’ve recently moved to a new city like us, then you might want to give Alphabet Date Nights a try! It’s not an entirely original concept, I first heard about the idea from Hudson and Emily who have started doing alphabet date nights and figured since The Mister and I moved to a new city, what better way to get to know Vancouver AND have a really fun and unique date night.

What is it?
Alphabet Date Nights concept is simple: you and your spouse take turns to plan regular dates taking inspiration from the alphabet to plan your activity. It’s fun, simple and means that you’ll get something more than the typical dinner and a movie date night.

Take the letter “C”, for example. You could go to a restaurant that starts with the letter C, go see a movie that starts with the letter C, or do an activity that starts with the letter C, and the list goes on.

Here are some ideas to get you started.

Alphabet Date Night Ideas
A – aquarium, arcade, art gallery, apple picking,
B – baseball game, burlesque show, bowling, bookstore, brunch, beach, bike ride, BBQ, board games
C – concert, camping, cinema, corn maze, cooking lesson, casino, cafe
D – dessert, drive-in, dinner theatre,
E – escape room, English High Tea, F – farmers market, festival, fireworks, fishing, farm, frisbee
G – geocaching, go-karting, ghost tour, gardens, graphic novels
H – hiking, hot tub, history, high tea, horse and buggy, hot chocolate, haunted house,
I – ice cream, ice skating, IKEA, Irish dancing
J – Jenga, Japanese, jigsaw puzzles
K – kites, karaoke,
L – library, lunch, lounge, live show, lighthouse, laser tag
M – musical, museum, mini-putt, maze, milkshakes, mountains, medieval, Mexican
N – nature walk, night walk,
O – ocean, orchestra, organic,
P – picnic, park, pumpkin patch, paintball, paragliding
Q – quiz night, quesadillas,
R – reading, roof top dinner,
S – spa, skiing, sunset, stargaze, scavenger hunt,
T – tea tasting, theatre, tennis, tourist attraction,
U – underground, underwater
V – vineyard, volunteer, vintage shopping,
W – water park, walking tour, window shopping, windmills, wildlife sanctuary
X – Xbox, Xplosions(uh…ya)
Y – yoga class, yard sale,
Z – zoo, zipline

Hopefully this will get you thinking about some of your own alphabet date night ideas. I’m hoping that the Alphabet Date Nights will make for great memories with The Mister.

So tell me, have you heard of Alphabet Date Nights? Have you done them before? Can you think of any other ideas that aren’t on my list, I’m always up for suggestions!


10 thoughts on “Alphabet Date Nights

    1. Thanks, Chelsea! I think it’s going to be really beneficial now that we live in Vancouver. Not to mention, it makes for great blog posts to document!


  1. I’ve always loved seeing couples do this. I’m just always scared to try because I know we will fail. But I guess I should just give myself grace. Maybe I’ll try it next year.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Do it! I’m also a bit afraid to fail since The Mister is so busy, always but I think we’ll have more time to do this in the fall so I’m going to bug him to start it then!


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